Home Discussion Forum What is Kundalini? and How Does it Affect a Human Being?

What is Kundalini? and How Does it Affect a Human Being?

What is Kundalini? and How Does it Affect a Human Being?
does it affect a person in a spiritual way?

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  1. You are Kundalini as everything is, if is wasn’t for Kundalini nothing would exist, Kundalini “the energy of passion” is the universe.

  2. Kundala=circular-like ear-ring—ini=waterfilled tank(as in Hemaabjini(hemaabjam=lotus+ini=water tank–Hemaabjini=a water tank containing Lotus)
    In Hindu Yoga System there is a concept,that a lot of energy is stored in the fluid filled sacral well,in the form of wound serpent.(Kundalini Sakthi).During intense meditation,sitting in Padmaasanm,(Lotus Posture) pressing the toes in the Anal region(Balan Devaraayan describes this process),the thermal energy(kanal) can be raised=Urdhva Rethas–this energy serpent is said to travel ,starting from Moolaadhaaram through,Manipoorakam.Swaadhishtaanam, Visugdhi,Aangjna and Sahasraaram and unite with Bindu(“Naadha,Bindu Kalaadhi”).After the Union–{(Yuj>YOGA(m)},”Abhishekam” takes place and a lot of Vital energy flows from the centre of head through the entire BODY,giving the Individual Super-human powers.Some of the verses which explain the process are:-
    “mahii.n muulaadhaare kamapi maNipuure hutavahaM
    sthitaM svaadhiShThaane hR^idi marutamaakaashamupari .
    mano.api bhruumadhye sakalamapi bhitvaa kulapathaM
    sahasraare padme saha rahasi patyaa viharase .. “..
    “caturbhiH shriikaNThaiH shivayuvatibhiH pa~ncabhirapi
    prabhinnaabhiH shambhornavabhirapi muulaprakR^itibhiH .
    trirekhaabhiH saardha.n tava sharaNakoNaaH pariNataaH .. “..
    “kShitau ShaTpa~ncaashad dvisama dhikapa ~ncaashadudake
    hutaashe dvaaShaShTishcaturadhikapa~ncaashadanile .
    divi dviShShaT.htriMshanmanasi ca catuShShaShTiriti ye
    mayuukhaasteShaamapyupari tava paadaambujayugam.h ..
    P.S.:-If anybody is interested,I can traslate word by word…

  3. Kundalini is a subtle, feminine energy that resides in the sacrum bone at the base of the spinal column in three-and-a-half coils. In the same way that a power cord connects a lamp to the household current, the awakened Kundalini connects human awareness to the Paramachaitanya, the all-pervading power of divine Love.
    Kundalini can be thought of as a rope with thousands of strands. When we first get Self-realization, only one or two strands find their way through the chakras and reach the Sahasrara chakra at the top of the head. However, with daily meditation, gradually more strands of the Kundalini connect us to the divine Power and the experience of meditation becomes more profound and blissful. The Kundalini and the experience of its awakening, have been described by various Indian saints such as Adi Shankaracharya (ca.6000 A.D.), Kabir(ca.1500 A.D.) and Jnanadeva (ca.1200 A.D.).
    Kundalini resides in a dormant state in the sacrum bone at the base of the spine, and that when awakened it manifests as wind/breath. This can especially be felt like a cool breeze in the hands and above the head, though no material aspect like air displacement is observed.
    Whether it is called “Chi” by the Chinese, “Ki” by the Japanese, “Prana” by the Indian yogis, “Ruach” by the Hebrew prophets, “Ruh” by the Sufi saints, “Pneuma” by the Greeks, or “spiritus”, the latin word from which the English word “spirit” is derived, it has the same meaning in all of these languages and diverse cultures: Breath of life.
    Source is the web below.

  4. Kundali – Tamil
    Kundam – means round vessel container
    Ali – Means neither male nor female
    Kundali Vattam which is round in shape present both in the outer space and inner space. It has no gender.
    Inner space is much vast and complicated compared to the outer space. It is not easy to understand the attributes of Kundali in the inner space.
    Therefore Siddhars wanted us to communicate with the Kundali in the outer space in order to get connected with the Kundali in the innerspace.
    Siddhar songs says
    Vatta Van Sudarae
    Vallaroli Vilakae
    Vayangu Sirtjothiyae.
    thus describing the qualities of Kundali.
    Pattinathar says
    Vettatha Sakkaram, Pesatha Manthiram
    VerOruvarukku Ettatha Putpam
    Kattatha Lingam
    Thus decribing the silent with great power of the Kundali.
    To awaken the Kundali, one have to fnd out the Kundali in the outer space.
    If somebody wants word to word translation of Tamil siddhars songs, please email me.

  5. IhtiAndr has given such a clear answer……Just like to add that
    as she rises the Kundalini passes through seven subtle centres called chakras. These chakras correspond to the plexuses in our physical body, and to the stages in human evolution! On a personal level they register any problems which we may have. After the Kundalini is awakened, we can feel each chakra upon a different finger or part of the hand and we can correct any imbalance in ourselves and in others! We can also awaken the Kundalini in others.

  6. What a great question and what a wealth of answers.This has
    been a rather arcane subject in this country.
    Swami Abhayananda told me that his teacher could bring you to Kundalini, but he had not acquired that skill.
    Edgar Cayce, “The sleeping prophet,” who was himself a fundamental
    christian in early life, gave much information on Eastern thought
    systems from his trance state. His son, Hugh Lynn, gave many lectures years later on kundalini and methods of safely opening
    to that energy source. He was concerned that people would try
    to force the condition rather than invite it. Hugh Lynn had worked with many people who had gone off the deep end and got into trouble
    mentally. He always wanted to teach people to allow higher
    forces to manifest in their lives by living a disciplined and orderly
    spiritual/mental life style.


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