What is keeping me…me? What is consciousness?

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If i took a new clone and i was able to “transfer” my mind into its empty mind would that new mind be me? Or am i , my consciousness, the slab of meat in my brain. Or am i the electrical currents and memories running through it. Simply, if i made that transfer what would i need to transfer into that empty mind for me to be the present me…the me that its typing this question…no some copy.

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sweet LO

wrong section…buddy!
it’d be your clone for all i know.

Free Thinker

It breaks the laws of physics to make an exact replica of you, If you did the original copy would have to be destroyed.

Rev. Iason Ouabache

Consciousness is an emergent quality that arises out of sufficient intelligence.


that’s a good question… i have no idea though.
the world may never know..

Jeff Spicoli

Consciousness is an emergent property of neurological activity. So, yeah, it’s the slab of meat in your head.


You cannot transfer your conscious state of awareness to another body. Once you consciousness is gone then that means you are dead.
An empty mind is a zombie. The physical body cannot survive on an empty mind.
Why do you think they disconnect people on life supporting systems?
They then die because their consciousness has expired.

Question Everything

There is something known as the “explanatory gap” when it comes to consciousness.
Many scientists believe consciousness is something in which we are submerged, like space.
I look at it as if our brains are satellite receivers and consciousness is the signal.
Needless to say consciousness is a pretty complex subject.
I have studied the Buddhist concept of consciousness which is basically all I can place my conception of it on.
Apparently, the nature of consciousness is collective. All consciousness depend on all other consciousness to take shape.
Consciousness can be classified in eight classes:
Eye, Ear, Nose, Tongue, Body, Mind, Manas, and Store Consciousness.
The first five are self explanatory and a shared by all sentient beings.
The sixth consciousness, Mind Consciousness, can also be identified as ideation, or the process of creating new ideas.
Mind consciousness is sometimes described as monkey mind, as it is “unsettled; restless; capricious; whimsical; fanciful; inconstant; confused; indecisive; uncontrollable”.
The seventh consciousness, Manas, is the consciousness known to misapprehend the first six consciousnesses to create a false notion of self. It is generally considered to be not consciously controllable, but it can be overcome through its transformation into “great mirror wisdom.”
The eighth consciousness is store consciousness. This consciousness is also known as the base consciousness. It is both collective and individual, while also being neither collective nor individual. All the seeds of all actions ever done are stored in this consciousness.
This consciousness is also present as not only the base of all consciousnesses, but also the entire universe.

Follows Jesus

are spirit is the essence of who we are. If our spirit left our human body and entered the clone body then we would be the clone


Ooo, I like you, you think like me. I constantly question whether or not I even have substance, or if I am really a mass of gray matter that makes “me” thinks I am me. I don’t know if our physical bodies contribute to who we are.

Ben K

We all have to wake up to the terrible fact that we are already dead.
The person you were yesterday is gone. You are merely inhabiting her body and believing her memories are your own.
Transfer of bodies cannot be possible, because we all die every day. The new person will be a simulation of you, with your memories, believing it is you; but you will be dead. You are dead right now.


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