what is karma sutra?

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i have NO clue, well maybe but i need a clearer answer

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The kama sutra is an ancient Indian writing famous for descriptions of different ways to um, “hook up”.


Its some really kinky sexual techniques.


thats india’s ancient books and stuff about sex, like different posture and that kind of stuff. its all about sex.

taylor is my namee (:

I heard it was a purse company or something like that…
No joke.

James Saint James!!!

sexual positions, coming from ancient India


Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian book widely considered to be the standard work on love, and deals with human sexual behavior. Not only does it depict sexual positions it also helps in improving ones self perception and is a tool in helping one become a better lover mentally and physically.


Karma Sutra? Maybe you mean, Kama Sutra. Well Kama means sex literally and sutra means art. So Art of Sex. Well it’s a book that shows different sexual positions and ways to boosten up the libido and love drive of two persons engaging in sex.


I saw one in Brazil. It got great mileage, but was a little small.


google it n u will come up with the pages where u will get to learn how to have sex in weird ways.


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