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What is Kabbalah and what are its religious beliefs?

So I’ve always wondered what kabbalah is, what they celebrate and if they believe in God? I know that alot of celebrities are Kabbalah and I’ve just never understood it. Can somebody please try to explain it if they can… thank youu 🙂


  1. Some jewish cult where celebrities tie red string on their hands, kinda like scientology but less wacky

  2. I suggest you go to your local used book store and find your self a copy of the “kabbalah” and READ IT. Just keep in mind that it is ONLY a PART of the whole belief system, so you will not understand it unless you read ALL of the books.
    THAT will take you at least a year just to read everything – understanding it depends on your level of intelligence. The average human will not understand it at all, so EXPLAINING it here is a huge waste of time.

  3. Kabbalah is just an alternative way of understanding the Torah. It has no beliefs- it is part of Jewish study and its beliefs are those of Judaism.
    However, Kabbalah as pitched by the “Kabbalah Centre” run byt the Bergs or the “Bnei Brak Institute” run by Michael Laitman is a scam and rip-off. they take one text (the Zohar), present it as if it is the totality of Kabbalah, teach rubbish claiming it is from the Zohar, knowing that the vast majority of the people in their cults have no knowledge of Aramaiv, the language of the Zohar, and thus will never know what is actually inside it. The “Kabbalah Centre” is the far more destructive aof the two cults, but neither is teaching anything even remotely resembling the real thing- “holy water”, “kabbalah charms”, red strings and the other nonsense they peddle is meaningless- just adidtional ways to get money from the gullible


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