What is Kabbalah and is it worth trying to understand its information?






Is there any point to learning Kabbalah?
Is it Just a jewish science with no evidence to back up it’s ideas?


  1. Kabbalah is Jewish mysticism.
    Is there any point? Well, that depends on whether or not you believe in Kabbalah or not.
    And…please, don’t call it science.

  2. Kabbalah is Jewish mysticism and it’s a complete load of crap.
    >>…with no evidence to back up it’s ideas?<< "its," not "it's." Learn to spell.

  3. The Zohar, the main text of Jewish Mysticism, have around thirty volumes. It is said no one before age 45 should be allowed to study it. If you do see if you can join a local or internet group to develop to understand the theory.

  4. No self respecting Rabbi would teach you Kabbalah if you did not have the proper background. The Kabbalah that Madonna and such adhere to is not real, since they haven’t the education to understand it properly.
    If you want to learn, start with Hebrew, and start working. It is not science. If you do not believe in it, why would you waste your time?

  5. Kabbalah in Hebrew means, Reception, or to Receive properly. It has nothing to do with Judaism as it predates all religion. Kabbalah is a practical, scientific method of revealing parts of reality currently hidden from us due to our Ego. Kabbalah explains how we are internally structured, and why. It also explains the motivating force behind all evolutionary development, starting from the “Big bang”. It gives you a unique grasp of our reality that helps you understand the reasons behind the physical circumstances we encounter every day.
    Is there any point to learning Kabbalah? If you are interested in perceiving the purpose of life, the whole of reality, boundless pleasure, and a completely new reality above time and space, then yes. If your interested, the links below provide much more information on Authentic Kabbalah:

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