What is it With Albert Einstein and his tongue?

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well…in a lot of the pictures of Albert Einstein he Sticks his tongue out…why is this?
http://imagecache2.allposters.com/images/pic/IMC/ax503~Albert-Einstein-s-Birthday-Greetings-Posters.jpg that is one of the pictures…

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Evie M

He’s a mad scientist dude. They do that.


Einstein was eccentric and awesome. That’s just how he rolled, man.

Crabby Patty

As far as I know. He only did it the once. It is just a very popular picture of him. It shows the lighter side of a heavy dude.


It was a publicity shot taken after his theory of relativity was accepted as scientific possibility ,upto that point every reputable scientist swore by Newton`s theories.Einstein disproved the main ones and so in the pictures he is telling those scientists just what he thought of their outdated beliefs.

wonder bread is awsome :D

hehe thats how my man albert rolls 😀

Lucifer's Angel

haha he was a fun and crazy guy


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