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What is it like to astral travel? Is it fun?

I`m not practicing astral traveling but i have a great desire to achieve that,but of course i am kind of scared.What is it like? What can you do? Is it hard to achieve the separation of the astral body from the physical body? Sorry for all the questions,you could answer the ones you like only. Lol


  • Its really unpredictable. Last time I traveled, I mistakenly ended up a Jonas Brothers concert and couldn’t get back to my body for 4 hours. I thought that was bad, but I have heard horror stories of people getting trapped in Detroit and stuck in the 80’s.

    Its too risky.

  • I would advise against such a thing. There are only two ways to get spiritual. One is God’s way and the other is the way of the devil. God does not make any provisions in His Word for “astral traveling”. I know this doesn’t answer your question specifically but I thought I would share anyway. All of the sins you have committed can be washed away by the blood of Jesus. That is what you should focus on.

  • It’s easier if you’re naturally gifted at it. It really is like an out-of-body experience….literally. And it is fun. I usually end up doing it in my sleep.

  • For me it is just like dreaming, but more realistic. I feel like I leave my body and I am living a second life. I basically do what I do while I’m awake, except everything is more abstract and things happen that wouldn’t normally happen in real life.

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