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What is it going to take to bring down the New World Order?

Former president George Bush senior and many other people in congress have talked about the New World Order. They are the very same people who were the master minds of 9/11. They are the rich elitist global bankers who run the show, orchestrating events to establish a one world currency by tearing down all sovereign nations.
What is it going to take to bring down the New World Order?


  1. Thanks for the laugh, and the two points,
    Just for fun, with which ideology do you consider yourself affiliated?

  2. What new world order. Oh, the one in the Book of Revelation that does not exist? There is no new world order except progression and change and there is not a God, it is a fantasy made up by a species of beings that feel so all alone and have no answers.
    We all really know that, although we desperately want a God to exist. Sorry, no God, NO NEW WORLD ORDER!

  3. People like you make my head hurt.
    There is no evil new world order.
    The stonemasons are not plotting to take over the world.
    Elvis is dead.
    The moon landing was real

  4. It would take all the paranoid, insane, schizophrenic, delusional and gullible people to come to terms with reality and stop thinking everyone (including their bowl of cereal) is “out to get them”.
    Which, we all know THAT will never happen.

  5. I know Sting, DDP, and Ric Flair took a pretty good run at the NWO back in the late 90’s, but I don’t really follow wrestling as much as I used to, so I’m not sure anymore.
    If Kevin Nash is still in the NWO anyone would have a hard time. That guy is huge!

  6. Build yourself a time machine and go back to the 18th Century I guess. The NWO is inevitable. It’s already here, in fact.

  7. Bible prophecy said we will be globalized so we will be, but the only way to stop the elite marxist Oligarchy is Christianity, which is the only way to combat communism and that’s why they hate it and try to rid it from our system.
    P.S. General Electric/MSNBC/NBC financed Hitler!


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