• For those who think it’s nonsense and idiocy, have you ever tried using crystals? Or are these automatic opinions? As they say, don’t knock it till you try it. Although if you have tried it and that is where you’re opinion comes from, I can respect that. It’s not for everyone.

  • There are many terms for the system of belief in stones, meditation, etc….. My chosen path is Wicca. Meditation is actually used in many religious practices today, as well as the belief in stones and herbs being helpful in everyday life. As far as astrology, the Mayan civilization was run entirely upon the moon and stars. (2012) As for those who say the stones and other aspects of Old Earth religions are nonsense, I would point out that the same has been said about Rosary, Crucifix, and many other religious items throughout history. For respect of other people and their beliefs, Wiccans do not judge. Kind of makes us more Christian than most Christians.

  • You know “belief” in all these crystals, meditation etc is just a way to feel “secure” about the outcome. It is not due to these crystals etc that you see a result but due to the “faith” that you have in them. So, one needs to believe in these until the faith (the secure feeling) is pure. Once that point is reached you don’t need all these to believe in .

  • New Age belief system. WHAT you believe about crystals, mediation, astrology etc would be helpful to know your specific stream.

  • edit: people in the know, call us types ‘light-workers’…I don’t like it though. I like ‘meruvian’

    you seem like an open-minded person. I like those topics too.

    have you heard of the violet-flame? look it up.

    it’s like a magnetic-fluid we can channel into our hands via a crystal in the purgatory worlds

    meant to create a shield around us 6 ft thick. It helpled me open my third-eye in two weeks,

  • I’m not sure there is a formal name, but I call it New Age BS.

    Well, meditation can be very useful, but I suppose you mean spirituality that is separate from religion. When you are told that something only works if you believe in it, it’s probably a fraud. Or a placebo.

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