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What is it called when one can walk into a room and absorb all the negative energy emotionally?


  1. You should do some research on empathy.
    Absorbing any emotional energy from other people, whether negative or positive, is considered empathy.

  2. I would call them a rare breed of people, that can make the world a happier place with a smile, friendly gestures and radiates positive energies. It is sad that people don’t seem to be very happy anymore. I have been letting myself get bogged down in self pity lately.

  3. a good thing to have at a party. let them come in, absorb all the negative, then shove them in a corner the rest of the night or out the door! lol

  4. Simple, a walking emotional sponge! Although you have to stop at some point, or else you running the risk of exploding emotionally, and that is not good for those who happen to be in the household when you let loose. So get out of the house and drain some of that excess negative energy, for everyone else sake. Good luck


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