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What is hypnotism used for and does it work?

I am just wondering what hypnotism is really used for and if it actually works. Sorry if I spelled it wrong.


  1. There’s a mythbuster’s episode about it. I’m not sure how it works, but it’s like to see what happens to you when you completely lose your state of mind or something. Mind control? I don’t really know lol.

  2. Many people use hypnotism to change bad habits such as over eating, nail biting, negative thinking and so on… I have heard that it only works if you really want it to. So if you want to stop biting your nails and really mean it then it will probably work. Although if your parent or whoever wants you to and sends you to a hypnotist not by your will, than the probability is that it wont work.

  3. I know someone who used it to try to quit smoking. It didn’t work for her. I don’t believe I could be hypnotized.
    If you want to quit something badly enough, you can do it without using hypnotism.

  4. You can hypnotise yourself or have a person do it. you relax and enter a state where you are open to suggestion. it has been known to get a cavity filled with no drugs and no pain. go to surgery with no pain. remember past events although recovered memories are very unreliable. you cannot be hypnotized to do something you wuoldnt do normally like kill. although it is possible you could be tricked into as is possible in waking life. there are many more applications.

  5. its used to help recall memories, and go over things again it can also be used to implant commands(note you cant tell someone to do something that they would fight agaisnt) it is known to work but in psychlogical field its not trusted due to the fact that the memories can be created so its not a relaible method.

  6. it works. however, most of what it is used for in real life, off the stage, is a bit boring. However, if it works for you, it is a really cool experience! Some people cannot “go under” even if they want to. Hypnosis requires first the relaxation of your body (through mental focus), and then of your mind. However, it is more like distracting your mind, eventually making it wander sometimes.
    What is it used for? relaxation and tension relief, naturally. At the professional level, it seems to help people reduce bad tendencies in their mind, like habits and fears. Mind over matter is a big key to hypnosis- look up “psychosomatic Disorders” for examples of how much power your mind can have over your body.


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