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What is happening when you feel that "Third" eye when meditating?

I have taken to doing the “Be still and know” program and I have finally been able to actually relax enough to make progress..
Durring the session he constantly tells you to close your eyes and look with your third eye or “forehead” at your hand.
Why exactly can you feel it? I’m not saying that it’s some mystical force..i’m just curious why the body actually registers it as something tangible…..(if that even makes sense)


  1. You just know.
    The more you practice the easier it becomes. But do not focus on your third eye. Focus on your instructions. It gets easier the more you do it.
    Ive been practicing meditation for 4 years now and its only getting easier. Before, I couldnt hardly even comprehend. Now, when he says bbecome the tree, I become the freaking tree! lol
    Hope this helps.

  2. When you relax and let your mind drift, our chakras can work with their natural flow of energy, from the top to the bottom. Then by “looking” with your third eye you actually can see things, with you real eyes closed.
    one reason is because you’re a part of the natural flow of everything.


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