what is happening to me in buddhist meditation ?

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i will sit in meditation for 15 mintues to an hour. around 3 to 4 in the morning as i’m in meditation just recently this started i feel like i’m in an over powering White Light and if i were let myself go i’d pass away i have talk myself down from whatever is going dose anyone know what’s happening to me in my meditation ?

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Ignited Lite

i think you fell asleep while “meditating”

Saheed Rama

Entering the spiritual realm. Dangerous. It may look good, but satan is the father of lies (believe me i know from experience).


Spirit realm…don’t go there.


The Bible warns against giving up the power of your mind to anything but God and truth. Satan comes disguised as an “angel of light;” perhaps you are moving closer to him at those times.

Life's a game play it right

You’ve enter your body and feeling your enlighting your chakras in your body.


get a teacher. you are not the only one experiencing these things. others who have gone through it can help you. i recommend letting yourself go if you can overcome the fear of death and see what happens. but ask a buddhist teacher.


Perhaps your getting Enlightened?


Are you high on something?


Your trying to ascend into truth of self………………

James M

Your brain is hitting the “God Spot”…

Donut Tim

Meditation, by definition is thinking.
What was happening was that you were thinking. It can be bewildering at first but keep at it and soon you will be thinking several times a day without even trying.

me not u

fell asleep or being asulted by the devil. he is the father of all lies .


Its called an altered state of consciousness.

Gerald Ford

Though I don’t meditate much myself (I follow different practices in Buddhism), I have heard about visions and phenomena that occur during Buddhist style meditation. You should definitely talk with your teacher if you have one about it, but generally the consensus is that such images are temporary and should be ignored or let go. The reason is that we have a lot of conditioning in the mind that’s built up lifetime over lifetime, and when one meditates and clears the mind, it’s like peeling back an onion, layer by layer by layer. I’ve seen on other forums people talking about kinds of crazy visions, lights, whatever, and senior Buddhists well tell you it’s just more illusions.
The key is to just let it go. Meditation in general is about letting go of the constant grasping of the mind, so this is just no exception. You don’t wrestle or fight with it, you just let it go.
Best of luck, and please talk with a senior teacher or meditator in person if you can manage. You’ll learn a lot more than you can in books and on the Internet, and mentors are very good about keeping you on the right track.

Greg L

there are many experiences and things that happen during meditation, especially during the strongest YANG cycle of the day, normally 4a.m.-5a.m., but 3a.m. is still pretty strong. Some people even see certain animals at certain times of the day. Some have visions, some feel as if they are in space, etc. And some get sensations such as light, energy, etc. Either you’re emitting light (though normally I would expect that to happen to cultivators that are strictly abiding in the precepts and meditate on the 2-hour minimum), or you’re getting an energy-based sensation from your body as you sit in the full-lotus position.
The key to responding to stages and events during meditation, is to NOT respond to it. Don’t pay attention to it. Once you pay attention, you lose it AND your concentration. Visions and sensations are nothing important. Just keep at your meditation and don’t attach to anything.
If you want to learn more about it, then read the following Ch’an handbook… it’ll give you better insight on everything about meditation:
You might also be interested in reading a compilation of lectures given by a Ch’an Master during the winter meditation session:


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