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What is greater – the universe and all of its mysteries, or the human mind and consciousness?


  1. The human mind is undoubtedly the greatest expanse you will ever find. Our scientific methods have shown astronomical objects to be further than 16 billion light years : That means we see them as they were before the universe existed! Now we all know how we can travel to any spot anytime and anywhere through our imagination. Even all the scientific progress that we have ,made is all because of the human mind. Places in the universe where no human may ever reach physically can be reached instantly through our imagination. Hence it is right to think the human mind is the greatest in the universe.

  2. i would tend to go along with the majority and say the latter.But i’d also like to say this;any of us take a risk when posing this type of either-or question.
    And after asking say 3 or 4 i would say the obvious comes-to-light;that is,that the writer has conjoined these different things,trying to determine which is the better.But the question narrows-down such areas-it leaves no room for someone to say that they are equal!
    So as if,like the questioner,we can quantify and thus compare “the universe…” and “the human mind…”.
    Admittedly some (few) do this as their life’s work-but i would strongly suggest that the rest of us(or most of the rest of us)are completely in-the-dark about the findings of the few(i’ll call them scholars,for want of a better word).
    And is the question asker one of them?Who knows? Should it matter;i think so,when we in the western world are taught to esteem scholars and to almost worship “word-iness”!
    Perhaps we should take Popper’s example and say, not “what or which is the greater”but, what better mistakes have been made,in either cosmology or the humanities,whereby we have now recovered,understood,and learned(different)from such(!)

  3. I’m not sure there’s such a clear distinction. One of the mysteries of the human mind IS consciousness of the universe.
    Mind without mystery is underwhelming
    Universe without consciousness impresses nobody
    It takes a mind to appreciate a universe
    It takes a universe to support a mind
    Mystery without consciousness is irrelevent
    Consciousness without mystery is wasted
    The only way to decide which is better is to ask which lasts longer: the material universe or the immaterial mind. At that point, philosophy and cosmology gave way to theology.


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