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What is going to happen in December 2012 and what should be done about it?

I’ve read that in Dec 2012 loads of stuff will happen. But ive read good and bad things. What do you think?


  1. something will happen…. i heard that france and all the countris are prepering for the 2012 since the early 60s. i think its going to happen something….ive read alot aobut 2012…so i think its going to happen ” something spiritual” a new world”

  2. winter begins, schools get out, christmas,chanuka, sears has a white sale , new yearseve, people die, people are born, same old, same old. whatever happens happens. dont worry be happy!

  3. I think I’ll be too old to care about anything more than getting through Christmas and celebrating a couple of relatives birthdays that month. What you are reading are just stories that someone made up. Not real, so please don’t worry your head about it.

  4. If the Mayan prophesies are correct we are doomed. An mega huge asteroid is coming our way that will cause tidal waves, earthquakes etc. The Earth will be covered in smoke & dust that will black out the sun and over a period of several years we will slowly perish and become extinct, just like the Dinosaurs seventy million years ago

  5. Plenty of varied answers for you there!
    They are right about one thing; as we don’t know what will happen there is not a lot we can do about it.
    Several prophets forecast a nasty surprise at this date including Mayans and Nostradamus. Nothing much in that you might think…but those guys had an annoying habit of being right.
    Start stocking the cans of beans.

  6. I actually have respect for renowned soothsayers/psychics such as Nostradamus and Cayce.. why? because I use to get visions years in advance so I believe in the ability. (not that I’m getting anything about 2012) If I remember correctly, both are calling for a major earth change in 2012. I don’t think they are calling for the end of the world.. perhaps, the end of the world as we know know it.
    I would be very leary of earth changes around that time.. It actually sounds interesting since a sort of lost Atlantis is supposed to pop up off the coast of Florida, where I am. Otherwise, what else is there to do?

  7. Wow! .. head for the hills! LOL. Seriously though, I dont know about 2012, but what we should really be worried about is right now. Just because we are personally not experiencing great difficulties right now should not blind us to the fact that the majority of the world is really sufferring – right now. Maybe its our turn soon! If there is something happening, its happening now.

  8. The Mayan calendar is based on units of 20 . They have a large unit called the b’aktun that is roughly 20 times 20 years. SInce their unit of a year is actually 360 days in this system (called a “tun”), the b’aktun does not equal 400 years (20 x20) but about 394 years. All that is going to happen in 2012 is that the baktun number will “roll over”, much like the way your car odometer turns over when it reaches 100,000 miles. Of course, this doen’t really mean anything, except in that calendar system. If your car read in kilometers instead of miles, then 100,000 miles would mean nothing. It is the same with calendars. Many calendars exist in different cultures. The Mayan calendar does not end when the b’aktuns reach 13, it keeps going to 14 b’aktuns, then 15, then 16, etc, each about 394 years apart. If it was so important, then there woud have been a similar event back in 1618, (2012 – 394).
    I am sure the Mayans intended well, this is just a way for New Age wannabes to make money selling books. If you are really interested in Mayan calendar, get a legitimate book about it.
    All societies have nad members who do not like being mortal and who look for an end of time. It is called “millennarianism”. Read Mircea Elidae’s “The Myth of the Eternal Return: Cosmos and History” for an explanation of this in a historical sense.

  9. 4th december 2012 – my sister’s 21st…what should you do about it? come join us and partay
    25th december 2012 – xmas – again, lights camera food occasion
    31st decemebr 2012 – either the world ends, or it’s 2013….either way, we won’t remember a thing

  10. Let’s see…
    1. The Freedom Tower in NY will be completed.
    2. The Canadian Navy will begin sea trials of the Joint Support Ship.
    3. The winter solstice will happen.
    4. The Kyoto protocol will expire.
    5. The human population of the Earth should reach 7 billion.
    6. Unix time will reach 1356998399.
    7. The Pope will provide Christmas mass in Rome.
    8. Kwanzaa will be celebrated all over the world.
    9. Millions of Britions will be heading to malls for Boxing Day sales.
    10. The Chinese will be celebrating the Dongzhi Festival.
    11. The deadline for signup of the 2013 American Youth Soccer Association sesson will expire.

    As for what to do about it…
    1. Watch the news to see if it looks as good as the models.
    2. Send the Canadian Navy an “about time” note.
    3. Be careful on the roads as it gets dark soon.
    4. Urge world leaders to renew the accord.
    5. Invest in diapers.
    6. Be amazed how computers can count so high.
    7. Pray to Jesus (if you are a Christian).
    8. Try some African food.
    9. Get in line early and head straight to the plasma displays.
    10. Eat dumplings with your family in northern China.
    11. Make sure your children are signed up before December 13th.

    In other words… nothing special.

  11. The Mayans were the foremost astronomers of their day, predicting with high accuracy eclipses and the change of the seasons, many things which to this day still puzzle NFL fans.
    If you want to know what will happen in 2012, you should ask one of these prophets of future history… no, wait. You can’t. They are all dead.
    Good prediction, dudes.
    As to the other ‘2012’ panic things (the Japanese need to make an anime about this : “2012 Panic!” It will have robots and high school kids and spiky headed ninja rejects. Ooops, got off the subject. The other prophesies for 2012:
    1) Niburu… will be brought out as a new car line from Ford to compete with Subaru.
    2) Polar Inversion: Tom Hanks will star in “The Polar Inversion”, strangely it will be animated and he will voice the entire cast, except “The Easter Bunny” who will be played by Gilbert Godfried.
    3) Sun Spots: A new boy band formed by the grand children of Hoppy Jones and Deek Watson from the original Ink Spots.
    4) Global Warming: Pam Anderson is finally convinced to wear a bra. (I know, I know, but it makes me feel warm all over)
    What can we do about it? Nothing! Go about your lives and worry about something important for a change… like remembering to fasten your seatbelts.
    Buckle up!


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