What is going to change in Astrology if 3 new planets are added and with Pluto gone?

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I hear they are getting rid of Aries.

Tab H

Nothing – astrology is based on the sign you were born under – which is the stars not the planets!


There are going to be changes to all the textbooks the kids use in school and there are going to be more planets for everyone else to learn. it will not affect most people in any way

Jessi K

astrology is for horoscopes and astronomy is for the planets…. but I think its wonderful idea to expand our own knowledge of the vast solar system.


That there never was anything to it to begin with. the devil loves to play tricks on humans and astrology is just one of them. He is having a good laugh right now at all the fools who put their trust in the stars.

Susan S

Pluto has very distant effect on your astrological chart. It still exists, only now they call it a “dwarf planet!”

Lilyth FireDancer

They’re not getting rid of Aries. First off, Aries is ruled by Mars, so that really has nothing to do with the questions.
Ceres was already used as a planetary body, although classified as an asteroid, in astrology. I don’t think they can just take Pluto out of the game, most astrologers would probably continue to use it because of the historical referrences. They come up with what the planet rules by how society changes when they “discover” a new planet.
Astrology was once used by doctors back in the day to check out a patient’s health.
Astrology uses both the planets and the stars depeding on which type of astrology from which region you are using.


Who cares–astrology is just hype. I only hope the powers that be don’t name a planet after Oprah Winfrey, for heavens sake ( so to speak).

Steve D

Pluto is now officially a minor planet.


Nothing will change with 3 new planets.
For the astrology to come into effect and the effect of planets the planets has to be have enough gravity to put that in.
Effect of Jupiter and Saturn is more cos they are bigger planets though they are far.
And the close planets are Venus and Mars and Mercury which also effects the behaviour.
But Pluto does not effect much.
Hence addition or deletion of them is not going to make a differencet. But if a Jupiter is removed it will make a lot of difference.
Smile ALways


Nothing will change, purely because when ‘they’ state they are “getting rid of some planets”, they don’t mean this in a literal sense. They will all still be there, doing what they do, regardless of what we want to call them tommorrow!
Any additions can only offer more information.


We are getting rid of it, the heavens aren’t, nothing changes in the movement of the planets, all of them, how ever many there are. The charts are done on the stars not the planets in our line-up.
Its a false god anyway.


Pluto was only dicovered in the 1930s. The psuedo science of astrology goes back further than that.


I don’t know but I can guarantee you that Scorpios will still be crazy, spending their lives stalking and searching desperately for the perfect peony or that vintage original . . . something.


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