What is God trying to tell me around here?





As I continue to read more and more yahoo answers, necessary, posts- I note the lack of 100% self in most people. Most of you dont realize (but do now) how God is channeling a message to me thru you. Using just a tiny percentage of your consciousness, so you do not notice- until brought to one’s attention. Please help me decipher your message by posting your part below?


  1. if you sre stupid enough to believe inn half this crap, then you deserve to be lost!
    God will show you right from wrong!

  2. Yup, okay. Tell you what. You persist in your fantasy that the creator of the entire universe is channelling messages to you personally via yahoo answers, and the rest of us… well the rest of us will just stay here in reality.
    How’s that strike you as a deal?

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