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What is God to you? (Man, Woman, Energy, Concept) How do you worship/celebrate that God?

How do you feel your God is a part of everyone? And if God is all that is good and true, does that mean that the central God that runs through us all is pure and everything that makes individuals different just mere opinions and fabrications that are a blockade to the truth. And if so does that mean to worship God is to diminish individuality?


  1. He’s a concept that cannot be proven or disproven, simple as that? Why can’t people just simply understand that noone can claim that any religion (Or lack there if ) Cannot be held true? How do we know he exists? We don’t. How do you know that he doesn’t exist? We don’t.

  2. God transcends the universe. God is kind of like energy as in energy can not be created or destroyed. Man is born into sin and we must come to God to be saved. Re amberr evil is the absence of good (God).

  3. God is spirit, energy, pure though.
    God the Father is true and good.
    No this means that we choose who we will serve, we choose to serve God the Father or mammon, money.
    Yes, it diminishes indivduality, because to serve God the Father means we become one in thought with the Father, we do as He does.

  4. I practice Wicca, therefore I worship the Goddess and the God, for there is a balance in life, and that balance must be maintained. The Goddess is our Mother, the Earth and all on her, for she provides for us in almost every conceivable way. The air we breathe, the water we drink, both essential to life, and the foods we eat, all come from the Goddess. The Father, God, is our Spiritual father, from which we gain our intellect, our reason, our spiritual strengths. To say that worship diminishes individuality is equal to saying that eating one grape diminishes the vineyard; nothing could be farther from the truth, for worship is a one-on-one basis, as it ought to be. We may, as a Circle, choose to worship the major celebrations as a group, but every other day the worship is personal and devotional as need be. Worship opens the doorways to truth, for it is folly and doubt that obfuscates truth. But what is truth to you? Is it merely narrowed down to what you can see and hear immediately around you? Or is it something deeper, more arcane and wonderful than that? Isn’t truth simply perfect balance in all things? Healing, forgiving, doing the right thing? Those are truths, Healing, forgiving, doing the right thing: Sounds like Goddess/God to me.
    Thanks for a great question!
    Blessed Be!

  5. v believe that GOD is One, He has no image, no Gender, no likeness, & He is beyond imagination of creation (including Human beings).
    Qur’aan (Chapter-112) Surah-al-Ikhlaas:
    (112:1) Say: He is Allah, the One and Only;
    (112:2) Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;
    (112:3) Neither has He an offspring nor is He the offspring of anyone;
    (112:4) And there is none like unto Him.

  6. Man, Woman, tree,animal,energy,nature etc. everything is God.I worship God in the form of idol that represents nature.As I pray everyday ,I feel positive energy in it.


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