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What is God like from a Cosmic perspective?

To me God is a consciousness emerging from the universe as more and more complex life.
I don’t know if this consciousness was always there, or if it’s developing or becoming aware.
I am aware that there are many that believe God is the unity we all came from.
I’m looking for serious well thought out answers, but I’ll ask here anyway.


  1. In short, God is a universal consciousness, and is as you may expect, independent of religion or religious dogma.

  2. He’s busy, I get that, but I don’t know. He’s been so cold lately. I mean, when we first started seeing each other he seemed so vibrant and mysterious, but now it’s all condemn the atheists, condemn the Jews, holy war, holy war. We never just talk or go out anymore. Everytime I want to, you know, get closer? He’s on the phone with some whiney evangelical who’s moaning wishes for good prom hair. I don’t know, maybe it’s me? I thought I would be content waiting for him to prove his love, but I suppose it would be easier on me in the long run if I just left, saw the world as it is. *sigh* I will miss Pancake Tuesday’s, though.

  3. Well if God is an emergent property of the universe, for once atheists would be right to ask for scientific evidence of his existence. So where is it?

  4. Hi there Passive Heretic!
    But I’ll ask here any way….haa hahahaha thats funny Passive!
    If you have questioned truth in all matters,as it seems you are doing now…..then your sense of wonder and why can only be answered with more examination of truth.
    How God came to be is a question that shows reliance on a human thought.
    Just as he told us that we do not need to eat from the tree of knowledge of what is good and what is bad.
    We have shown we cannot handle it as humans. We have shown to all heavenly and earthly creatures that we will annihilate one another and no peace is to be had.
    History has proven him right.
    So…What is God like from a Cosmic perspective?…
    Can we handle that knowledge…?…
    we can sure create Nuclear bombs and destroy life
    we can sure hate and Love
    we can sure not be faithful to our own kind
    We can do so much….Yet human suffering by our own deeds shows we can not even understand ourselves,let alone what God is made of …………
    Thanks for a Great Question!

  5. I can not tell you about the nature of God.
    I’m not sure any can fully know here from an experience POV.
    Even when at times some mysteries are experienced the essence is often lost in the translation to words.
    Perhaps the essence of God remains a mystery so that we will seek to experience that communion rather than intellectually attempt to define it.
    Many Blessings!

  6. I really like your questions and how you phrase them =)
    As for my answer… I cannot tell you if this is the truth or not because I don’t personally believe it, but have you ever imagined that we might simply be like cells, many of us working together provide a supernatural being that exists as the size of the universe. We are only atoms compared to this being of indescribable size


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