Home Discussion Forum what is everybody crazy about telekinesis in this forum?

what is everybody crazy about telekinesis in this forum?

Since i came to this section , lots of users ask the same question over and over again : how can i make telekinesis happen or something like that and i wonder what is the great magical thing about telekinesis . I mean its not like other spiritual abilities such as clairvoyance , ect telekinesis its just moving things. Im not against anyone trying to develop this ability and pretty open minded about it but Why should anyone waste time trying to move things with their mind when we can move , transport and grab thing with our own hands?

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  1. Well, I don’t believe in telekinesis, but i’m pretty sure it’s a lot more impressive if you move something with your mind than if you just move it with your hands. It’d be even more impressive if you could pick up a van like Sylar off ‘Heroes’.

  2. Superhero abilities.
    If people seriously had the talent to move objects across the room (like cleaning your home!), they would try to find a course to harness this talent and make it part of their everyday life. And the person who could teach this skill could be a billionaire!

  3. Telekinesis is now called psychokinesis in pseudo scientific literature.You’re right there is an obsession with mind over matter.That and ouija boards come up over and over.Look it up there’s thousands of questions asked on these two subjects.I’m sick of telekinesis but ouija scare stories are just hilarious.

  4. I think it all started with the quote from the bible: “There is nothing left impossible to man and mankind. He can move mountains…” And so we cradle the mysteries of the mind. To think and it will be done. To become a god and do miracles.
    I tried it, didn’t work, I moved on.

  5. telekinesis…….. i think its possible……….its much more impressive than moving things with your hand i can tell you that

  6. It always seemed impossible to me. I think it is interesting to some people just based on the fact that it seems so impossible and maybe people just want to see if it is true or maybe people actually have a desire to have this ability. Seriously why would people do that, they have hands. I guess it would be cool because if your just having a lazt day it would come in handy.
    I meant lazy

  7. probably because its both cool, and most computer nerds, or unlucky unemployed types, but mostly computer nerds, are fat and lazy slobs who like the idea of not having to get up to get stuff. Be nice if you could drink water and type at the same time huh?
    Also, telekinetic powers, would make a person very powerful; Gene Grey, is easily the most powerful of the X men, even without the Phoenix, because she possesses both telekinetic AND telepathic powers, also, with her telekinetic powers, she can manipulate things, with enough practice, down on the subatomic level.
    Meaning she can negate Professor X’s telepathy for one, and Magneto’s powers. The reason she has not done it, is because she is not a seasoned, hardened mutant. I figure, since most people here are geeks, and while I have never read comic books I have read a lot of marvel universe books, I’ll tell everyone right now, Gene Grey is the most powerful of all the X men. Easily.
    She can crush your bones, merely by willing it. Or, she can crush your bones with her telekinesis, and drive you insane with her telepathy, WHILE she crushes your bones. X men fans; think about it. Its not just a mutant’s power which makes them powerful, but how much practice they have had using that power.
    Take two martial artists, both, equal everything. The martial artist with only 10 years of experience, will get the tar beaten out of him by the one with 50 + years of experience, who has the same “power” the younger one does. Indeed we see this with Magneto and the character Joseph. Joseph, is a younger clone of Magneto, or was anyway, who had Magneto’s exact same power I mean, it was basically him right? But, because he did not have Magneto’s many years of experience refining the use of the power of manipulating magnetism, Joseph could not do what Magneto could do.
    What makes the character Magneto dangerous, is as his own friend Charles Xavier describes him, he is “the master of magnetism.” There are other mutants, who have magneto’s power, but he is more than a match for all of them because with more practice, comes more control, and with more control, more efficiency and with that, greater tapping of the monstrous potential that power has. At his most powerful magneto has been known to use earth’s magnetic field as a weapon. And yet, he is still not as powerful as gene grey; he is able to beat her, only because of his many decades of experience but, once Gene Grey reaches that age, her telekinetic powers will, if the comic writers choose to make it that way, reach well beyond those of Magneto. Gene Grey is limited only by her lack of practice, when compared to magneto.
    As to why everyone is crazy about telekinesis, again, its a really cool power. Who hasn’t dreamed about moving crap with their mind?
    Also telekinesis can grant the power of flight; Superman’s own flight ability has been called a form of telekinesis, only its limited to his own body, not everything else. Speaking of which….. if Superman’s ability to fly is telekinesis, Gene Grey, using her own power, if she can gain enough mastery over it, she could use Superman’s own power of flight, and slam him so hard against the ground even his bones would be broken. Yeah…… that is how powerful Wolverine’s love interest is.
    The most recent Xman movie was nothing; Gene Grey doesn’t need the phoenix either, on her own she’s powerful enough. Oh yeah, speaking of the X men movies; if the next X men movie doesn’t have sentinels, I ain’t watching. I mean damn it, where are the sentinels!? Where is master mold!? Those are important villains in the X men franchise because they represent humanity’s prejudice towards mutants; to me, nothing is more symbolic of tyranny, oppression, racism, and prejudice, than the Sentinels. Cold, soulless machines, just like american racists.
    peace out.

  8. People who think they can regularly use telekinesis are either very egotistical or very crazy. Every time someone who claims they have special powers gets tested for these supposed energies, they fail, hilariously at that. What people with these fake powers are doing are convincing themselves that they actually have powers and this is tricking their eyes and minds into thinking that their powers are real.
    The only way people can currently use telekinesis is by getting to a very high level of fright. Like people who live in “haunted” homes. They get themselves so into the thought that there are demonic beings in their home that a switch goes off in their brain that essentially enhances the mind’s ability allowing people to perform temporary minor telekinesis.


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