Home Discussion Forum What is enlightenment to you? Would you say you are enlightened?

What is enlightenment to you? Would you say you are enlightened?


  1. Enlightenment is getting in touch with the Oneness that we are. People that are enlightened rise above the physical and relate to the spirit only.
    Jesus was enlightened. I am not….yet.

  2. I’d say enlightenment is a state that I’d like to be in, but fail to accomplish that goal. I’ve got half of the battle accomplished… I know what an enlightened version of myself would be like and know how to get there. Actually doing it is the problem…

  3. Enlightenment means different things to people. I believe it is similar to what some would call a “spiritual birth.”
    I don’t think enlightened people go around saying that they are–that would be left for others to say or not.

  4. To dispense with every illusion while moving closer towards to the absolute truth following your INTUITION and disregarding you intellect. This I feel is the process.
    I can garantee that NOONE who answers this question is enlightened 😉

  5. enlightenment ,growth,ability to smell lies and deceit and not be bothered with the tragedy called modern life. time is an illusion. human has not conquered or understood anything about this planet. the animal kingdom,psychology and devas or the way of nature. don t know if you call it enlightened. but i sure try to see,smell,feel ,hear,taste,feel,sense things in real time and not a projected ,forced life. done so my entire life which makes me an oddball . and guess what . people do love my designs and weird views. it is a long way to become enlightened . one has to start using their brain and soul

  6. Enlightenment is to let go of our slavish acceptance of other people’s ideas, to think for ourselves, to think critically and to make our own mind up for ourselves. To stop running with the herd and be a true individual instead.

  7. Unchanging Truth. Stillness. Inclusive Love, Oneness. Non duality. Peace ……
    I am not enlightened. I believe we can lead our lives as best we can and meditate, pray do jappa etc ……….. but enlightenment is given by the creator. Grace is the key; I think we have to get past even wanting enlightenment or liberation.
    Our sad-guru (top teacher) will initiate us.

  8. I understand that you’d get a kind of major epiphany.
    Am not, but have had an experience as a child that ws a ‘taster’.
    bw dear one,
    a j


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