Home Discussion Forum What is enlightenment in terms of individual consciousness?

What is enlightenment in terms of individual consciousness?

How would it manifest itself in terms of what others would then see in the enlightened individual?


  1. Light is what shows you the way.
    Enlightenment is the light which shows you yourselves. If you see yourselves in you then there is only you. In true there is nobody who is enlightened in this world they are in the way of light only like you. Nobody is there seeing the God and his powers in you, an enlightened is then God by thy self not revealing the existence.

  2. The last generation of Americans who directly felt “Enlightenment” were the Founding Fathers. Since we no longer study in schools what they continued learning until they died, only those who study the Enlightening subjects will know Enlightenment. It begins with the Trivium and the Quadrivium. Every school child knew them. Now they don’t even know what the words mean.

  3. It’s the difference between someone who bumps around blindly in the dark with their eyes shut and one who opens their eyes and finds a flashlight.
    As far as how it would manifest in terms of what others would perceive of such an individual…. Usually they are as different as someone who holds open a door or gives up his seat to someone else from the SOB who cuts you off in traffic.
    How’s that?

  4. The outside experience would mirror the internal enlightened state. What you are doing and how you live would reflect your authentic being or Self.
    Individual enlightenment is – in the simplest sense – a result of dismantling of the conditioned ego identity; the beliefs that control perception, feelings, thoughts and reactions. This emptying allows the Observer or Witness state of consciousness to stabilize, because reality mirrors the contents of consciousness.

  5. My guess at what enlightenment is, is something akin to selflessness: the awareness that self does not actually exist. That the story of the self (how I grew up, how I overcame this or that, how I suffered this illness or that defeat) is a mental story the mind tells.
    How that would manifest itself to others? My guess is that an enlightened person would seem like less of a personality. Since I think they are capable of seeing through the illusion of a separate self they have less to defend. Maybe someone tells them they are mean, and the enlightened person may be able to find in themselves how they have been mean. And since they don’t have a self to defend they could say yes… I see how I’ve been mean in my life (this time or that time). Is there anything else you want to tell me? Or maybe if the enlightened person couldn’t find the thing a person accused them of… like is someone said to the enlightened person, “You stole money from that kid over there.” And if that wasn’t true for the enlightened person they’d be able to say that it wasn’t true for them but the wouldn’t fight with the person accusing them either. For whatever reason it was true for the accuser. Having no self to defend the enlightened person would be open to the accuser’s perception. Having a, “tell me more” attitude. “What makes you think I stole that money? Very interesting, I see how you might think that. You must feel very angry at me.” Always dealing with the present moment.
    Basically I imagine that an enlightened person would be peaceful… that is I imagine that an enlightened person would not fight/argue with what is happening in the moment. Open open open open open.

  6. Small ego and excellent observation. A calmly satisfied person, whose reactions are very moderate but very sincere and normal, good listener, slow to speak, moderate in everything, unhesitating, spontaneous, generous, compassionate, but not easily characterized by traits like this because so moderate. I think you wouldn’t be able to tell for sure… I know a person who is like that, who I suspect might be a very experienced meditator, if not “enlightened.”

  7. …S U R P R I S E ! ! ! this recognition will captivate the group and ask questions among themselves the truth, doubts
    and ignorance of its validity…enjoy and thanks for asking.


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