I’ve read there are 7 chakras, but let’s put it it in this way, what the job of each chakra is? Hope someone can help here. I’m just curious about this stuff. Thanx in advance!


  • Purify the prolific energy coming up out of the earth in order to awaken the crown chakra. Most people are stuck and their purifying process leaves them in the survival/sex/power chakras which are the lowest three. That is why we have the collective consciousness now dominant in this world.

  • the natural force of your body

    at times it is not balanced because of our thoughts,actions or way of life

    it is not something you invoke

    but strive to balance

    when you are totaly balanced then your health is on par with the health of your mind

    when this happens you are connected to nature,

    you will have blissfull feelings and you will not be lost in the ocean of illusions and end up running in circle`s looking for the answers of your lives which happens to seat in reality

    absolute reality is the reason the mystics did things with yoga, to balance yourself up to yourself

  • I could write you a really really long answer but if you look at the chakra page on my website, there is good information and explanation of each chakra.

  • They’re to channel energy though your body spiritually. I don’t know the exact suppose job of each, so I’d look to wikipedia.

    You need to have them opened by some spiritual person that specializes in that.

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