Home Discussion Forum what is Difference Between Albert Einstein Gravity and Newton Gravity ?

what is Difference Between Albert Einstein Gravity and Newton Gravity ?

please explain me in most simple manner
i never get albert einstein gravity
i dont get how space,time are a FABRIC ?


  1. Basically, Newton’s laws describe the effects of gravity rather than the nature of gravity, and hold true on a meso-scopic scale. Einstien attempts to describe gravity as a component of the universe, and describes it as an interaction of mass and space-time. These laws hold true on a macro and micro-scopic level

    Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity (theory of gravity) is different from Newton’s view of gravity because Einstein calculated the speed of light which is the cosmic speed limit (nothing in the universe can travel faster than it). Newtons view of gravity as a ‘force’ was different to Einstein’s because of the speed limit the Einstein’s discovered. For example as Earth orbits around the sun under the influence of gravity, Newton’s theory would say that if the sun was to disappear Earth would run off its orbit instantly, this is different compared to Einstein’s theory because Einstein consisted the speed of light which takes around 8 min’s to get to Earth. Einstein’s theory says that gravity travels at the cosmic speed limit (speed of light), so in Einstein’s model of the same example of the sun disappearing, the Earth’s orbit would still continue for 8 min’s until the gravity ‘field’ reached Earth.
    Einstein looked at the universe as 3 dimensions (space) plus 1 (time) in a fabric which can be best related to as the trampoline fabric that you bounce on. If you stand in the middle of the trampoline and have a ball at the edge you being the bigger mass, the ball will roll down toward you; the time for the ball to get to you, is the added dimension (time) This example and the example of the ‘difference between Einstein & Newton’ Solar system example shows how Einstein developed the space time fabric to show visually how gravity works. Another thing that Einstein theorised was that large bodes (like earth) rotating in this space time fabric would pull the space time fabric with the mass body. This was only a theory until around 2008-2009 I think when the satellite “gravity prob B” (which used 3 of the smoothest gyroscope ever made) sent down data that proved Einstein’s theory of the friction between large mass bodes and the space time fabric.
    I hope that helps you, I tried to keep it as simple as I could but both Einstein and Newton as just great minds and as Einstein Quote “If a theory can’t be understood by children through pictures then the theory should be rethought”
    If you need to know anything more, just contact me 🙂
    Aussie pride 🙂

  3. Newtonian gravity is mathematics based on observation and does not attempt to explain what is causing mass to produce gravity. Einstein however found that space and time are one and the same and that gravity is able bend this causing other matter to fall into it. this also requires much more intricate mathematics.


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