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What is dark magick? What do you think of it. People who work with magick with magick ONLY?

People refer to it as using demons or bad energy’s if you will. Now i have never worked with any energy or spirit like that have you ever what happened did it back fire. Well i know some people say black magick is using people unwanted will but sometimes it is use for a good reasons.


  1. There is no such thing as magic, although it sounds like you take your little hobby pretty seriously. You should see if there are any LARP groups in your area – seems like it would be right up your alley.

  2. Magic itself is neutral. It is what it is. It is the purpose and reason behind the use of magic that makes it dark or white. Generally if it is used for selfish purposes, it could be considered dark. If used for the benefit of others, it would be considered white. Mind you, that self-improvement is not the same thing as selfishness. In fact, most people who improve themselves, do so not for themselves, but for others.

  3. Black magic is any sort of religious practice that does not follow the religious norm. For example, in the caribean they have santerismo or espiritismo. These are people who contact the spirits or compelles the saints to help them solve a persons issues. I had some family members who secretly dabble in these sort of things, and I have gone myself. It is consider black magic even though it is not meant to do harm because it goes against the main establish religion of the region. In our case christianity. This religious belief came from Africa. What heppenned was that the catholics, in order to introduce themselves into a region, incorporated a lot of the pagan beliefs into their masses. For example, Santerismo, which very roughtly means to deal with saints, was part of the African religious beliefs. The Africans had various deities that they called upon for help and things of that nature. What the Catholics did was to say, oh! you know that God that you call X. Well, thats really like our saint of the holly inmaculate chocolate ship cookie factory back in Seville Spain somewhere. So, the people transition into the new religion and adopted these new names.
    I’ll make the story short. All religions , magic, spirits, ghost, surpernatural or whatever you want to call it is simply a bunch of hogwash. Magic doesn’t exist. Ghost don’t exist, God, well that one is still debatable but look how the Greek religion who was very prominent at one time is now called Greek mythology. The God of Israel exist yet, Zeus doesn’t?! why? Where is the proof. Where is the evidence. Oh I forgot, it only works if you close your eyes and believe. Yeah!, go do that. Close your eyes and believe in fairy tales. Problem with religion is that is all about perception. Oh is a miracle that my friend survive his cancer. Really? was it really a miracle?! Chemotherapy and advances in knowledge about cancer, cancer treatment and technology had nothing to do with it huh?! Had your friend lived 50 years ago he would had been dead. Is like saying bloody marry in the mirror 3 times or 12 times or however many times the story says, cause the number and exact ritual changes all the time. Nothing will happen because it is a physical imposibility for it to happen.

  4. Black magic is when people call upon the devil to help them. its extremly bad. do not sell your soul to him. please just pray to God he is almighty he will awnser your prayers!!!

  5. In reality Magic has no color. Color is normally used to denote how it is used. Green = using plants in magic, White = waxing moon, Black = waning moon, etc. Christians coined the term Black magic for all magic saying you need demons to work it or bad energy. Magic doesn’t need things like Demons, religion or evil to work. Magic is neither good nor evil but can be used for that if that is what the person’s intentions are.
    Hope this helps.

  6. I don’t personally see the world as a giant battleground for good vs evil.
    Magic is neutral… it is a tool. Like any tool– a knife, a hammer, etc., it can be used to hurt someone or used for survival or to make life better.
    Same kind of magic required to destroy a person can be used to destroy a disease. Same kind of magic to help a person improve himself can be used to manipulate the person.


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