Home Discussion Forum What is Cosmic Consciousness ? Have you ever experienced it ?

What is Cosmic Consciousness ? Have you ever experienced it ?

It has nothing to do with any religion!!
No John.. TM people just imitated it… cosmic consciousness is our birth right..have you realised it yet?


  1. god does not exists,it is all non sense my friend.
    i do not believe in dream land any more.
    i used to be idiot bot not any more.

  2. Yes…
    Not to do with religion per se but with spirtuality its when you have utter concentration that you rise above your reality and see things on a different level …when everything just makes sense for about a minute and then you come down to reality….during that time you feel utter empowerment and it can make you tired…

  3. one one voices an idea or mentions a plan of action, its deemed to be in the cosmic consciousness, if i thought it, so will someone else and before too long youll hear your own prophesis coming back to you from multiple sources…
    news and views travel faster than ever in this digital forum

  4. Yes, I’ve experienced it. It’s what Hindus of the TM (Maharishi’s) persuasion call it when they begin to open to the Holy Spirit.
    If they’d only go the whole way and break out of the confines of that ideology, as I did, they’d find it was the Way of Jesus.
    Then they’d find they were at a great advantage compared with most Christians who’ve never experienced such a thing.

  5. It’s Old Age mysticism made New Age with the advent of man-centered living. Simply put, we can live a better life if we are in tune with a “force” or “energy” that connects all of us with each other and with creation.
    The focus, of course, is not on God, but on ourselves as masters of our destiny.
    The problem, of course, is – What if it’s baloney?
    Jim DeSantis

  6. Actually, just recently I did. I was in a long discussion with a theologist about the history of The Star of David and argued that David and this image were not related in any way, that the hexagram was actually representitive of the planet Saturn.
    He asked for evidence and I began an in depth study of my argument to provide a credible resource for my conclusions and ran into this:
    And upon inspection found the Egyptians used the hexagon and hexagram to represent Saturn.
    Weird eh.
    Cosmology 101.

  7. I believe that cosmic consciousness is a state when you see yourself from out of body, like a looking at everything and sensing the universe all around.
    I have never experienced this state. I have tried to meditate and I don’t think I have been successful in entering a unconscious state.

  8. I don’t know, Aum. Isn’t that a phrase coined by the TM people?
    If Cosmic Consciousness is what people experience at Kensho / Sartori, well then, no I haven’t.
    I’ve had some consciousness shifts both during and outside of meditation, but not the ‘biggie’.
    Jon C
    Then, since I don’t know, the answer must be ‘no’.

  9. Who are you talking to Right now ?
    You are waiting for Whom ?
    Who comes to you ?
    How do you identify with the Contributors on this Page (?) ?
    Where do you ‘think’ You are ?
    If not a Cosmic Consciousness/Conscience at Play ?
    How do you Play ?
    You play the Game ? Alone, for me most of the Time…Delightfully with Others, most of the Time. Why ?
    I Play, Yahoo… At least I am aware of the Game. We Play each other, I think until no one knows Who is Playing Who ?
    Have you had that Cosmic Consciousness yet ?
    I am sure it’s upon you, somehow…
    You are my Last Answer: it is too Playful this Yahoo.
    Sometimes, on Earth, I think:
    “My,my if only we knew & remembered the Cosmic Game.”
    It is far more useful to play Cosmic than Tragic. No ? Listen to…yes & thanx, FunkeyMonkey…He is Right to point it out: you ‘know’ the Cosmic somewhere… I think Names do signify in this Game…it is a Role: you are on a Cosmic Stage. So, Play. Be in the Cosmic Play.
    If you ask your Question on Earth, be careful, even in Harry Potter’s World it’s very Yahoo to hear …(reading) voices……………………………………………………………………………….
    I don’t Feast like a Predator, but it is Vertigo for some Yahoos, for me it is Fair Game, the Cosmic……….It Flows & Flows….just like the SEAS.
    I will read Yahoos from now. It’s not that I don’t like it.
    It’s simply too much when one realises how simple it is Juggling, Playing, Flying…………………………………………..
    Adieu Cosmic Consciousness!
    Fly Fair, it is much Higher.
    I had hoped to re-explore Geology, but methinks:
    Better End here.
    One thing: don’t judge –
    Someone thought I was hiding behind my name: wrong
    That I go to Church: wrong
    That I have personal motives: wrong
    That I am Yahoo ? For sure I am Frederique Yahoo. Pretty sane, actually.
    Etc…Etc… Just Play & Move on…
    You have added “Birth” to your Cosmic Register of Consciousness/Conscience – You have tuned Instincts, Male, but I am not Game that Way. Let us say: I did not drop here out of May, on a starred Question by a Gentleman Jon C = Calibre.
    Coincidences are factual in the Cosmic ?

  10. Some time in the past the universe developed the capacity to become aware of itself.
    An unknowing cosmic entity that invented us to be it’s eyes and ears,it’s consciousness.
    The experience is our contemplation of it and us.
    the method of our invention was time,chemicals and environment.


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