what is cosmic consciousness and how does it effect the world?

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you mean “affect” not “effect”


We are all one.. think of it like this.
if you took a drop of water out of the ocean…everything in that drop of water is the same as what is in the ocean.
We are all drops of water from the same ocean.
Some people are aware and conscious of this… but most aren’t. When we become more aware then the world will start to change.


Cosmic consciousness is your ability to know the present happenings in the world and your position in it.
It enables you to take responsibilty of your environment because the knowledge shows you how you really stand.


Cosmic Consciousness is the awareness of God (viraat,.. the awareness of god as universe)..
Affect ? the whole cosmos is working due to that consciousness… each one of us giving our share in this yagya
cosmic-consciousness envelopes the consciousness of all living beings and sleep state of matter too


nature is a by-product and a product of the cosmos and being atuned to it and knowing it if possible in a lay mans way will give u peace and happiness


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