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what is considered a target in yugioh?

ok i have a psychic deck. I have thought ruler archfiend. The effect of this card says i can pay 1000 life points to negate the activation of a spell or trap cards that targets psychic monster. My friend has a field card that targets any monster that’s not venom. I think its called swamp field or maybe swamp effect. I know its swamp some thing. Also what about sakuretsu armor? when I attack with a psychic monster can i negated that card because it is targeting one of my psychic right? thanks


  1. Swamp does not target, just like lightning vortex does not target, mirror force, torriential tribute, bottomless traphole ( because it can kill up to 1-5) Gigaplant ( because it can get either insects or plants), fissure, hammer shot
    Skeretsu targets, so does compulsory, dimensional prison, soul taker, man eater bug, etc etc

  2. venom swamp swamp is the name your lookin lor
    you shud be able to activate your archfiends effect in both situations both venom swamp and expecialy sakuretu armor are targeting a psychic monster so yes you shud be able to use his effect

  3. Sakuretsu Armor targets the monster that attacked, so Thought Ruler Archfiend can negate that if the monster was a Psychic Type. The Swamp field spell does not target, because when someone targets, that means they could “CHOOSE” a card to be destroyed, removed, or a card effect that has a certain effect that you “chose” to activate.
    The Swamp field spell does not target because it doesn’t choose a monster(s). Sorry, if you don’t get what i mean. The field spell targets, but not in a way that lets you choose what to target. The one that let’s you choose is the one that Thought Ruler Archfiend can negate.

  4. This is a question I’ve been having with my friend’s dragon deck, in which he uses Lord of D. to prevent “targeting” dragons.
    The answer we’ve hammered out (both from experience and from online sources) is that any card affecting a single monster that could be chosen out of a few monsters designates a target.
    So, there’s two parts to that definition. One, that “Targeting” something always means a card effects a single other card. There cannot be multiple “targets,” in this sense. And two, that there can be some element of choice in the targeting process, regardless of in a particular instance a choice is or isn’t made.
    Now for examples:
    Raigeki doesn’t target, because it effects multiple monsters and no choice is made.
    Sakuretsu Armor does target, because it effects a single monster and a choice is made – by the opponent, in this case, by attacking with that monster instead of another. It still counts as a choice in this case.
    Probably the best example of a card targeting another card is Offerings to the Doomed. The card requires a choice and effects a single monster.
    But, keep in mind: The rulings always have exceptions, and this one most of all. Effect monsters are usually pretty hazy, but don’t often “target.” When in doubt, look up the ruling on Yugioh Wikia or come back to Yahoo Answers.
    Hope that helped!

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