• I keep searching for my consciousness and I find my consciousness. Where is my consciousness located? In my head.

    ~~~ You do have ‘a consciousness’!

    There is One, Two, MANY Consciousnessess OUT THERE.

    isn’t nameless?

  • Everywhere there are somes places.
    and in everything you see, sometimes there is someone telling bs.
    Nothing is space.
    if someone exist, then he probably does have his type of consciousness.
    God does not exist.
    and god is not consciousness
    since you have yours own..

  • Everywhere there are places.
    and in everything there is someone telling bs.
    ,nothing exist that is not consciousness.
    Nothing is space.
    if someone exist, then he probably does have his type of consciousness.
    God does not exist.
    and god is not consciousness
    since you have yours own..

  • Where is not the correct question.

    Where is a product of consciousness, so consciousness will not be found within any particular where.

    Would you look for the ocean in a drop of water?

    Love and blessings Don

  • What is consciousness without physical senses?

    ~~~ “It is not the eye that perceives light and color, nor the ear that perceives sound!” – Book of Fudd

    Consciousness is ineffable! It cannot be described as it has no boundary, no features, no qualities, no temporality…

    “Consciousness is the ground of all being!” – Copenhagen interpretation of QM

    I keep searching for my consciousness but I find nothing. Where is my consciousness located?

    ~~~ You do not have ‘a consciousness’! There is only One Consciousness! Consciousness is that which perceives ‘Self’! ‘Self’ does not perceive Consciousness!
    ‘You’ are located in Consciousness!
    Try traditional Zen meditation.
    Meditation is not ‘searching’ for anything, it is the cessation of perceived ‘thought’, if done successfully! A Zen state is a state free of perceived ‘thought’ (memory, image-ination, analytical, belief, etc…). It is as ‘thought’ that subject/object distinctions are perceived.

    Consciousness is not ‘located’ anywhere! All ‘location’ is perceived in Consciousness!

    Existence = the complete Universe = Reality = Consciousness = Truth = ‘Self!’ = God = Brahman = Tao …
    Everything exists! All inclusive!
    Everything is Real! All inclusive!
    Everything is True! All inclusive!
    Existence/Reality/Truth is all inclusive!

    That which is perceived exists (like ‘thoughts’ and ‘bodies’). All inclusive!
    That which exists is perceived. All inclusive!
    Not a thing exists (notice that I didn’t say that ‘nothing’ exists, ’cause it don’t! *__- ) that is not perceived. All inclusive!
    Not a thing is perceived that does not exist. All inclusive!
    There is no, nor can there be, any evidence to the contrary!

    All love is ‘Self!’ love!
    All judgment is ‘Self!’ judgment!
    All hate is ‘Self!’ hate!

    The new, critically updated all inclusive definition of ‘Knowledge’ is; “that which is perceived”!
    All knowledge is ‘Self!’ knowledge, every moment/percept of existence, all inclusive!

    “Perhaps it is the curvature of space that, like a fun-house mirror distorting our own reflection, we imagine strangers.” – Mythopoeicon

    tat tvam asi ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tat_Tvam_As… )

    I become aware of an emptiness, a silent void .

    ~~~ You cannot perceive a ‘void’, ‘nothing’!
    If it cannot be perceived, it cannot exist! ‘Nothing’ cannot exist, be perceived! Only ‘something’ can be perceived!
    Don’t be so worried about ‘defining’ what you perceive in meditation. You are attempting to describe ‘thoughtless’ using ‘thought’!
    Can’t be done.

  • It’s located in the “I” who is doing the searching and the becoming aware. You can’t “locate” consciousness any more than you can see the back of your own head.

  • If you find nothing and if you can block your physical senses really which is very difficult,you are successful in meditation and near to your goal.

  • here, there, everywhere … it is located wherever it is directed? by stilling the mind through meditation one attempts to get an undisturbed sense of consciousness so that one may become more perceptive of its movements.

  • Your conciousness appears to be located at the interface between the input and the output.

    The output being what the brain tells you is happening.

  • Everywhere and in everything,nothing exist that is not consciousness.
    Nothing does not exists that is not consciousness.
    God is consciousness.

  • Please do not be discouraged, consciousness is what we are aware of, and in our mind & thought process. When you become aware of emptiness, silent void, then you wish to reach your subcounscious. Subcouncious is when we are all connected to one UNIVERSAL SOUL with each other. Once you learn to tap your consciouness into subcounscious mind-that’s when you have access to some amazing process-preminitions, dreams of true incidents that will happen in the future. It takes years & years to train our mind. Do you know how many try to ignore daily distactions and aren’t able to come to the emptiness (void) feeling. Once you have void feeling-try doing some prayers, meditation (this is true meditation) and think positive. You will get where you wish to reach.

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