What is consciousness anyway?





Can a computer have it?
How about a virus?
Is it even relevant?


  1. I kept finding myself going circles around your excellent question.
    Basically it is The Question almost all disciplines seek to answer including but not limited to all Religions, Science, & Philosophy. It is about the same as asking what are we & how did we get here. Each discipline has their own unique way of approaching the question, but ultimately are all going to end in the same place despite appearances.
    If you ask a hundred people each will tell you slightly different because they are the consciousness that seeks the answer to the question & all will filter thru their unique understanding. If you can ask the question then the only answer that will ever satisfy you is the one you come up with thru your own exploration & observation. To own the answer you have to be willing to look in the last place you would think to look, within. There is where all the answers to every question you ever asked or will ask waits for your voice.
    Short answer, You are consciousness expressing & to know this you must go straight to the source. The path is thru the heart & within.

  2. A computer programmed with voice recognition responds with by commands. One command is= “go to sleep”.
    The computer shuts off. But its till a computer..
    Man has a Soul and Spirit. When we go to sleep we are unconscious,but our Soul is still there.
    Life and consciousness work hand in hand.
    When we Die the body separates from the Soul and Spirit.
    However our consciousness of our Creator does not disappear.

  3. At a fundamental level, Consciousness is just the immaterial part of our being. It can be experienced through breathing, which is the gateway to consciousness. And our mind is manifested upon it.
    Our Universe is holographic and is composed of Energy and Information. Consciousness is a DIMENSIONLESS Field, onto which everything is manifested.

  4. There is an entire disciple of philosophy devoted to this question, and it’s a lot more complicated than just a definition. What is the nature of consciousness? How did it begin? What implications does this have on our relationship to the world around us? To God? What about free will?
    I have a very limited background in this type of philosophy, but here’s what I DO know–scientists are at a loss to explain WHY we are conscious, as opposed to lesser animals. I favor the religious explanation… that consciousness is what it means for humanity to be created in the image and likeness of God. But many will disagree. It’s a true mystery! Great question… unfortunately there is no great answer.

  5. I believe everything living has a fundamental conscious awareness of its existence. Although naturally i would have to cleave to the notion that there are many levels of consciousness. Insects react to threatening situations, and also sense when their home or nests are in danger, we could ascribe these reactions as Instinctive impulses, but what is it in the insect that triggers an almost seemingly calculated evasion from any mortal event? This in my opinion would be a lower level of consciousness that is primarily instructing the movement of the lower species, and especially in response to other factors that threaten to end its life. the insect has not the ability to shape its consciousness, I would say, “That it is a fixed state, which serves to operate the biological functions of the insect.
    Consciousness is our ability to entirely direct all our faculties into fully experiencing our engaged point of focus. It is absolutely essential to the whole process of interpretation of our physical world and also our relationship with it. It is our consciousness that purveys a profound sense of our existence, and adorns us with thoughts and feelings concerning the control we possess over our creative abilities. Bless You!
    Wish I could right more, but have to shoot.

  6. when you know; and know that you know, you are conscious.
    in the case of a computer, it may know, but it will not know that it knows, because Godel’s theorem will interfere with a program that tries to include such a recursive function. the algorithm will run on for ever.
    a “natural” virus, nor even a “computer virus” will know that it knows. in the case of the former, it just lives and cannot prevent the cessation of the factors that makes it live. in the case of the latter, it is only a program written by humans, and the program cannot be recursive – a virus cannot infect itself.

  7. Asha question is still open on this forum. I felt it important to forth my answer and my master answer transcribed by another follower. I have spent a life time exploring consciousness in think-tanks and have studied under two different enlighten master. I frequently do talks at different universities and work- shops. I am not blowing my own horn it is just that I feel this is a crucial discussion needed to be understood in the world today. Please forgive for the length.
    Christopher Hill spiritual guru and founder of The University of Trees proposed an equation for it all.
    Hills was an internationally renowned Master of consciousness, scientist and Yogi
    Background light radiation of the stars, (Akasha) space, kundalini and consciousness are one and the same at different frequencies of vibration. His equation brings light to the process of absorption of cosmic light through the rainbow colors and the return back to the lumen of consciousness and is summed up in the symbolic equation of:
    NUX + LUX = FLUX
    Can anyone out there give clarity in brief? It entails so much of the understanding of the mind, science, nature, light, the chakra system and on and on?I know not where to begin.
    -5 days ago
    — 3 days left to answer.
    Additional Details
    Planting trees this earth day. How are you helping to save the planet?
    The word NUX is Latin for seed or kernel. The NUX is the word used to represent the core of our being. It is the ground of our being just as the silence is the ground from which all vibrations of sound arise. The bases of the field of consciousness or the Nux are like a calm surface of an ocean unadulterated by objects, thoughts images, or sensations. Any disturbance or vibrations in or through it make waves. These waves are the vibrations of all objects in the universe around us. Everything we perceive is a disturbance in the Nux. When we absorb light from the cosmic radiation we are taking into our bodies the vibrating energy by the activity of atoms oscillating at tremendous intensities and the heat of supernovas. The reason we do not feel this is because there is no difference between the black light of the universe and the Nux or inner core of radiance.
    Lumen is one of the Latin words for light. This invisible lumen, invisible like our consciousness is, is the radiation which passes through space without changing its wave-like character until it it is absorbed or reflected by an object.
    Lux is another Latin name for light meaning internal light inside our minds. The Lumen received through the eyes activates the nerves and cells within our brains as the brightness of lux. This is the psychic light created by our consciousness when disturbed by the Lumen which is seen as internal lux.
    The word flux comes from the Latin word meaning flow change or fluctuation. The more absorption of lumen the more intense is the flux threshold and the ability to increase the heat of internal lux until it changes into light radiation of consciousness.
    NUX * nucleus for absorption + LUX * kundalini internal light heat = FLUX * flow of change. FLUX ? LUX = LUMEN * external radiance light of the cosmos.
    The absorption of light creates fire and fire in turn creates light. They are also one and the same. Whatever the structural form of water it is still H/2/O whether liquid, solid or gaseous, the only variant being the temperature.
    As you have said it is a complicated subject with much to be understood so I will leave it to others to fill in the blanks.

    Radiant light, Akasha, is not a manifested energy and only exist in space as a potential energy until it hits a lower aspect of its own reality, called matter. Matter is crystallized light. Passing through a prism white light reveals sunlight is made up of the seven primary colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Different substances of matter have different coefficients of absorption dependent on their chemical and electrical structures that absorb certain wavelengths of light and reflect others. The heat of light through different substances varies creating the flux necessary for change. In every human being consciousness octaves of vibration are infinite and separate lumen into the seven different levels of awareness that are bright or dark lux depending on purity of selflessness.
    From the cosmic light qualities (gunas and their imbalance) we gain the power, through the light of consciousness and with the disturbance in the nux, to recreate sensation as vibrations in creating the visual experience of the world around us. The perfect equilibrium of the three qualities is the climax of kundalini in the charkas by which consciousness is raised to a higher vibration. (The next octave) When the highest vibration of any octave of experience is attained it is the birth of new potential; the low point of the next octave which has yet to unfold.
    Transcribed by gd follower

  8. Very good question! A computer, may, at some far flung future point in history be able to have a consciousness. At this point in history I would say no. But as software and hardware become more complex the likelihood increases. A virus, no, a virus is not intelligent (at least not in the human sense).
    Consciousness is self awareness of one’s actions. It is the ability to self reflect.
    Consciousness is relevant because without consciousness there can be no morality or free will. One cannot call a virus, even a deadly one, immoral because it is not aware of its actions. A virus does not have free will and cannot stop from killing someone.
    The idea of what is and is not consciousness is explored in the novel “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” in which a supercomputer called “Mike” becomes aware of itself and assists in a political revolution on Mars. It is a great novel in its own right. If you ever get a chance you should pick it up.

  9. The world you perceive is manifest consciousness. So, consciousness is the world, life as we know it, condensed emptiness, an ephemeral five elemental play experienced through the all-inclusive and non-personal sense “I am”. Consciousness is relative and partial, a pulsating medium bound by the illusion of time and the perception of duality moving within the immutable Absolute. The Absolute is whole, subtler than space, prior to the arising of consciousness and the static witness of all experience. Thus, The Absolute can be viewed as the static witness and can be called awareness being just prior to mind, thought and words. There can be no consciousness without awareness for it illuminates consciousness and is the eternal seed of all transitory things animate and inanimate.
    The Absolute eternally exists and manifest consciousness is the medium in which it experiences the world through a multiplicity of forms and experiences. One thing is certain and that is; “if there is no you there can be no world.” Thus, it can be said, you are the Absolute principle and you are the substratum of consciousness. But what are you? The primary and most important question is Who am I? Manifest consciousness is a mirage projected from your essence, it appears real, but is not necessarily real. Consciousness, the realm of “jivatman,” (the perceived individual) and it’s propensity for perceived separation can be considered maya (illusion/not necessarily reality), but I am inclined to state that you the Absolute are the reality and the world/consciousness is in your womb.
    P.S: Computers and viruses are appearances in consciousness. Both exist because you are. Computers function because of mankind, while a virus is a lifeform functioning on it’s own accord. However, both are ephemeral appearances in manifest consciousness which is a reflection of you the immutable Absolute! What is relevant is that you exist and because you exist the world exists. Therfore no you=no consciousness.
    Great question. Thanks!

  10. for the longest time we thought consciousness and consciences were synonymous… imagines a computer could have it… would program it to have a sort of write space where a chain of thoughts could be constructed and compared with memories… sort of like an inner dialog… most of our thoughts are based of words…

  11. It is awareness and consists of pure energy. Without conscious awareness there would be nothing except potential, so it is more than relevant.
    Practicing Shaman.. quantum physics rocks.

  12. Consiousness is: knowing that you are doing something.
    Is this a real question? Or are you just trying to spend points? I spent 5 hours at work tonight trying to think of a question that there was a real point to. (I think I sprained my brain). Maybe you did, too? LOL 🙂

  13. consciousness is application of your acquired knowledge being filtered with your inherent knowledge, this knowledge {ELM,it is called in sufism} is often termed as conscience. computer has the knowledge and the application too but lacks the last one so we consider that computer has not got it. for virus has the second knowledge but the source is negative- an evil mind. the question of relevancy is solely yours.

  14. Have a star for originality!
    My answer to your question: Being self aware.
    The average, everyday computer/laptop wouldn’t have it….but some “super” computers do. Artificial Intelligence is something that has existed for some time now. Some electronic devices CAN be, and ARE, aware that they exists.
    I don’t know if a virus would ever be evolved enough to contain the idea of consciousness, but I’ll admit that I don’t poses nearly enough information, about the study of viruses, to know if they ever could.
    Yes it is relevant! Have you ever seen the movie “Terminator”? With consciousness….the machines could decide to destroy their greatest enemy….humans. I’m not saying that it would happen the way it did in the movie, but….can anyone say for sure that it wouldn’t?

  15. I think it’s the soul aspect of your body. If you removed all your bones and skin, you would still have your consciousness. You would know right from wrong, you would still have all your memories, and all the love you held inside your heart.
    Computers don’t have it because they don’t have souls. All living things have a consciousness (birds, flowers, trees, dogs, cats, etc). I think you could destroy your consciousness and get it all mucked up by going down a negative path. If your mind turned to dark thoughts, your consciousness would still be there but it would be barely functioning.

  16. This is a very important question that can arise in general. Consciousness is the voice coming from your deep inner most heart. Some times you say that your conscious is not allowing you to do that. But there is mind who is always dominating. You start from your home for a church, temple or Gurdwara but in the way your mind changes your plan and takes you somewhere else like pubs. Computer can never have consciousness. It can only work whatever is fed or programmed to do. Virus is living being, generally present in the atmosphere, that interrupt the functions of computer, being very small that can not be seen with naked eyes.There are various type of viruses. Therefore virus is not relevant with consciousness.

  17. Consciousness is a powerful awareness that humans and animals have that includes emotions, morals, problem solving, judgment and beliefs. I don’t it will be possible to program emotions or morals into artificial intelligence. While it is possible to program a computer with problem solving and artificial judgment, that’s all it really will be able to do; it can only follow human commands. There is no way to program the complexity of a human mind into something artificial or secondary to humans. Consciousness is the thing that distinguishes human beings from artifical sources.

  18. Awareness
    A computer cannot have it, at this point in time that is. I think it has actually been proven via Godel’s incompleteness theorem that it is impossible to replicate consciousness, but we shall see. Viruses are not even fully alive so I would doubt they have it, nor do they have neurons
    As far as any “theory” of consciousness goes, there is none. There are interesting hypotheses though using “qualia” and other abstract concepts

  19. An awareness as in feelings inter reactive of thoughts and emotions .
    It is questionable as to whether a computer will ever be aware of what it is aware of through sensors or just an imitation aping the human .

  20. It is usually used to describe being aware and reactive to your environment.
    I wouldnt say a computer or a virus is “aware” of anything, so I wouldnt say the have it.
    It seems to be only present among the more intelligent animals

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