What is Confucionism, Taoism, and Legalism?

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What is Confucionism, taoism, and legalism?
What do they believe in? How are they different?

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Hugo M

Please do your own homework.


Why do you always omit who did all the KILLING!

Ninja Turtle AM (å¿è€…ä¹Œé¾Ÿã€æ— ç¥žè®ºè€…çš„ä½›æ•™å¾’ï¼‰

Those are part of Chinese culture.
They believe in doing their own homework. Confucius will be nagging at those who do not do their own homework. Taoist will let nature take it’s course for those who do not do their own homework. Legalism will punish those who do not do their own homework.


Chinese religious and philosophical systems of thought


Here is a brief jumping off point for your research. Find the book that I used as my source if you need more information:
Confucianism is the school of thought following the teachings of Kongzi (Confucius) which regarded the Zhou dynasty as a golden age in Chinese history. To bring China back to such an age of prosperity, the rites and rituals of the Zhou dynasty must be followed as closely as possible, and with the right spirit, including proper respect for authority and filial piety. The Confucians were known as the Ru. Three major Confucian thinkers of the classical period are Kongzi (obviously), Mengzi, and Xunzi.
Taoism is the school of thought following the teachings of Laozi and later Zhuangzi. Rather than ritualistic propriety, Taoists emphasize a return of humans to natural cycles, to follow the great Way (Tao) of Heaven.
Legalism essentially advocated a totalitarian state of governance, with the Law being the highest authority. Ideally everyone would follow their job descriptions and the law to the letter, and any deviation would be heavily punished. They believe ultimately everyone is motivated by reward and punishment, and that must be exploited to have an effective form of governance. Major legalist thinkers include Lord Shang, Shang Buhai, and Han feizi. Han feizi offers the best summary and is the culmination of legalist thought in China.
I’m leaving a lot out. Go do some reading. These philosophies are also intimately tied up with the history of the time period. Context is important.


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