What is Clairempathy?Is it related to the chakras of our body?How can one associate it with chakra snagging?

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A person who has good knowledge psychic powers should be able to answer this precisely.

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Sadhara Satguru

This is just Empathy, the ability to feel anothers emotion.
As it is the aura that such feelings are picked up from, & all auric energy arrises from the chakras, then yes it is from the chakras of the other that empathy comes from. All sensations reside with our own chakras also.
I have worked with chakras for many years & unsure what chakra snagging is, so cannot anwer that part.


this gets tricky i will do my best to explain as a clairempath myself, we have the ability to vibrate on many frequencies through channelling which happens when the chakras nesseted set of spheres compress, we also are able to pick up from the collective conciousness by harnessing others force through challening through their chakras as well, for example we all have elementa energy, I myself am a fire, I have a friend that is wood and my ability as much easier to focus through a much cleaer channel when in sync on a project with this friend, Hope this helps LOve And Light



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