What is Chi, or Ki…..?

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Chi/ki i have just been reading about it and read that years of practice can result in energy balls, fireballs, and healing of the body can you guys clear me up on the topic

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Chi, is the universal energy that connects all things. Energy and fire balls are just for the cartoons. However after years of practice you can learn to read the persons energy and it can help with the healing processes. Chi is nothing more than pure energy that flows through the body, emotions, pain, and is often able to be seen by a person who has trained and practiced for many years as a visible aura. Many people with strong chi are highly spiritual however there are of course people who are just born like that.


It’s a force that has no real method of being measured by conventional science. Some people make outrageous claims about it but there is very little if any proof to back these claims.
Regardless of proof, there are many people who claim that certain training methods will cultivate this force within you. The claim various uses for the force but again, there isn’t any indication that it exists.
I wouldn’t say that everyone should discount it, there are a lot of things we don’t understand or even understand incorrectly. If you train to cultivate it, following the training and keep an open mind, just don’t expect to throw a kamehameha wave:P

Michael l

there is no such thing.


It doesn’t exist in that sense. The closest to reality dpes result from a high level of training, and that will get you a high level of concentration that allows you to keep your head and think quickly and smoothly in a fight while maximizing the efficiency of your body.


Chi can mean a lot of things. It can mean a psudo-philosophical sensation that connects all things. It can mean proper biomechanics. It can mean bio-feedback. It can just be an excuse if a teacher doesn’t know how to explain something.
Aside from biomechanics and bio-feedback, there’s no scientific basis for any of this. Some guys will practice “no-touch” knockouts, but they only seem to work on their students. Other people claim to be able to use chi for healing, but again it only seems to work on people who believe in it. And anyone claiming to be able to throw fireballs with chi needs to up the dosage of whatever medication they’re taking. If that stuff were possible, the militaries of the world would be all over that. Chi has got to cost less than guided missiles, don’t you think?


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