What is Chi Kung????





and how does it help tap into universal healing energy?


  1. “Chi” is bioelectic energy that exists in everything living. “Kung” means work. Chi Kung literally means “Energy Work”. I donk know about any “Universal healing energies” but i do know that stagnant chi in the body and chi blockages can cause illnesses. When chi flows freely in ur body then ur less likely to get sick and heal from injuries quicker. It takes many months of practice for ur body to become sensetive enough to even feel ur Chi. Its takes years to clear all the blockages and open all the meridians in ur body so ur chi can flow freely.
    Chi Kung and Internal MAs should only be learn under a qualified instructor. When i say qualified instructor i dont mean one of those new age whack jobs that are just trying to make money off of u and dont know what theyre talking about. I reccommend an instructor that has a lineage that can be traced directly back to China. There are also some forms of Yoga that use the same concepts.

  2. the reasons for it i am not shure i am affraid
    the effects i am, its brilliant
    i think that is more mind over matter and allot of chigung is your mind power and we do not know everything about the brain, its a misteriouse thing and different for everybody. so that is the reason i think to allot of it being not in concrete scientific evidence.
    its healing propperties, aggain mind over matter, often if you feel like you are going to get better and have a genuin good attitude you will, however there is more to it than that, i am affraid i can not explain why it does it, as i said above i have just experianced it and do my very best to practice it to my full ability
    somthings are still left scientificaly unexplained, i think qi gung is one of them

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