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what is chi energy how do you get it and what does it do?

what does chi energy do for you?


  1. Chi (Chinese) or Ki (Japanese) mean energy.
    The way to get good energy or Chi, is to balance your environment/diet so the chi flows smoothly. Feng shui and Vastu explain ways to harmonize your environment with the elements: earth, fire, air, water, and directions. Where objects are positioned; colours; and the type of materials aswell as directions they face are important to get the right vibrations or energy to bring positivity, spirituality, prosperity,etc.

  2. It is energy. It flows through you and sometimes gets blocked in certain areas of your body. Some believe this makes you sick. You can develop, unblock, and regulate the flow of chi throughout your body through exercises. A great place to learn about it is from a good Tai-Chi instructor. Not only will it help prevent you from becoming sick, it can help prevent you from becoming hurt as it is a fabulous martial art. There are many other martial arts which also train you to focus your chi. It can be used for healing and hurting.

  3. Chi is universal energy that is everywhere. If you rearrange the things in your home (Feng Shui) you can manipulate the flow of this energy. I have tried this and found that by painting rooms certain colours or placing furniture in certain areas I feel happier in the space. If you are a Reiki practitioner you can channel this energy and use it to heal people. Chi energy can heal on 4 levels…physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. This energy has nothing to do with religion…it’s just there.

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