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What is charge and light?

I know some of the properties of light from studying and my own ideas, but I don’t know what it is, just some of the properties. I would like to know exactly how charge and light (Em radiation) work together. I know that charge on the electron can absorb quanta of light, but I don’t know how the light acts three dimensional in waves of magnetism and light, it seems to be a layered effect because charge turns into magnetism when in motion and vice versa. I see some other things, but I don’t know how to describe them. I’ve only learned some trigonometry about the sine wave and the pythagorean identities, but I haven’t ventured in enough to understand 3D waves or electromagnetism.


  1. Electromagnetic waves are generated by oscillating charges. Radio waves are generated by electrons oscillating in an antenna. Light waves are generated by electrons oscillating within material substances. The question “What is light” has never been satisfactorily answered unequivocally.

  2. From the point of view of physics, light is well understood in terms of “Maxwell’s Equations.” Developed in the 1800s they are still fully in force today surviving relativity and quantum mechanics which replaced most of the “classical” physics of Maxwell’s day.
    However, you will need at least calculus just read the equations and vector calculus plus E&M physics to grok them.
    They say that changing electric fields create changing magnetic fields and vis-versa. Thus every time a charge moves it creates a disturbance that is “self propagating”

  3. The answer is very vely simple. The elementary mass particles of the Atoms such as proton and neutron and electron have a structure of different density and are all subject to the same mechanism that causes the solar system to stay together as a dynamic structure. As the earth absorbs mass from the sun it inccrease its orbital distance and when it loses mass it radius vector becomes smaller.
    The mass that the electrons lose or gain is the same composition that light micromass is made of. Therefore subatom particles follow the same rules of gravitational phenomon as the macromasses.
    Therefore what we call charge is really the relative structural energy that the proton and electrons have to maintain the integrity of their mass structures. The Neutron is relatively heavier thatn the proton ,hence it can move out of the nucleous with little impedance from the protons or electron. That is why they call its charge neutral. Neverthe less all mass particle are pushed togehter by the same gravity phenomena.
    If the electrons or protons are too close in proximity a reverse gravity occurs(repulsion).However the proton and neutron can be easilly pushed together by electrostatic gravity phenomenon.
    When the rotational equilibriun is chalenged by out side energy , the electrons in order to maintain stability in the atom sheds some of their mass in the form of light particle mass radiation.
    When the Spins of the atoms add together a twisting of space occurs;The product is called magnetism. This can only occcur because electrons are spining near light velocities.
    That is why in super cooled concuctors the magnetic field becomes much larger than when the electron is spinning slower at a higher temperature.
    When protons and electrons orbit each other ,an electrostatic force is produced at a magnetude much greater than in the macromass gravity interaction. So electrostatic and magnetostatic forces are much greater than the gravitational weights we normally experience.
    So a charge can be defined as the light micromass content of the electrons ,protons and neutron. The sign assigned to the charges are only relative indicating the direction of interaction.
    The word electro magnetism you describe was coined to indicate that when electron as result of their motion in a conductor produce a moving electrical force. At the same time produces a magnetic field .Hence one field cannot exist without the other.Both the electric field and magnetic field are relative.
    That is the only meaning of the word any other significance is only speculative. Light does not move the same way as an electron moves inside a conductor.


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