what is chakra meditation?

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I have absolutely no clue. Can anyone fill me in?
Trinity, Aria – thanks to you both!

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Here’s a site that tells you everything about it:


chakras are (7) different points in your body that correspond to different physical areas and organs in the body as well as emotional attributes.
To “meditate” on them is really a way to focus on each chakra and do different breathing and meditation exercises which will benefit your health and emotional well being.
The chakras are:
Solar plexus

Speed Of Thought

Ahh, a lovely question. As the others have explained the chakras are our energy centers. They are like energy transformers that allow the chi or universal energy to flow into the body.
One fun meditation is to get quiet and feel them. Once you have a general idea of where they are located, you can slowly run your hands over those areas. You will feel suttle changes in heat and pressure on your hand. Play with this a while and know that the chakras are real.

Sadhara Satguru

Chakra meditations, are done with a basic knowledge of the 7 main energy centres. They are usually done via either a guided meditation or visualisation to be able to enhance awareness, cleansing etc.


This web page might help you. There’s also more information about chakras.

alex S

Visit http://www.meditationsguide.com for more info


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