what is chakra healing?

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chakra healing

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Gary Y

There is no biological or anatomical indiction of the existence of chakras. It is a pre-science notion that does not have an effect beyond placebo. In a nutshell it is baloney.

SkepDoc 2.0

Happy New Year.
Chakras are part of the mythology of TCM . It is a pre-scientific and primitive concept that is not supported by knowledge of anatomy, physiology or disease ( side note…there was no such thing as “traditional chinese medicine” until it was decreed by Mao during the cultural revolution. Of course, it was only for the poor, the elite used western medicine)
Since there is no such thing as chakras, qi or meridians, it follows there is no such thing as chakra healing.


Hello Ekin
As a healer myself, I work via the subtle energy system, so heal chakras.
For myself it means working via the 7 main energy centres to balance them as far as spirit wish. Doing so helps the client emotionally & mentally.
* see profile *


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