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What is chakra/ chakra's???

What is chakra exacly i mean i’ve heard before that chakra is energy and if so how does one go about using that excess energy(and i say excess due to the fact that i already have physical energy)


  1. I think Chakras are points of your body, that’s where the energy flow comes from. lemme know if you make it out of yer body.

  2. The power lines throu the body meet at junction, these are chakras. If a chakra is blocked then the body begins to fail in that area and other areas.

  3. by remaining a calm person and not stressing over little things in life u big a stronger chakra. we all have certain energies and powers that we possess and can use to our benefits and to help others!

  4. There are 7 chakra points in the body , these all correspond with different aspects and parts of the physical system. They start at the crown which is located on the top of the head and they travel down the entire body .Each looks after a certain area of the body and yes they are associated with energy. These are the points where energy flows in and out , when you receive a reiki healing or you are atuned with reiki what we are doing is balancing the chakra points because too much or not enough in one area is not good and we start to lack in that area or be over compensated in another area.
    there is more detailed info about chakras on the net but it is proberly a wise idea to ask why you are interested .
    as far as getting rid of excess energy grounding yourself is proberly a good idea , this is a simple exercise of imagining that your tail bone , feet and palms have roots growing out of them and that once they reach the ground you start to push that excess energy be it is good or flatness ,negative energy out on those roots. once you have done this you will feel better and not as excess energy feeling this also is another balancing of the chakras

  5. Chakras are energy centers in your body ranging from the crown, 3rd eye, throat, heart, solarplex, sacral, and root. It is not excess energy.

  6. Hello
    Chakra means spinning wheel of light.
    We have many hundreds of them within our physical bodies & within our auric space.
    There are 7 main centers placed along the spine. Meditation can be used to balance them.
    You can get some wonderful books from Amazon that should give you a technique that you favour.
    If you have plenty of physical energy, is this a bad thing? using it may be of better use.
    join ~ Practice Tarot. Psychic Development.
    Clairvoyancy. Hypnotherapy. Meditation.
    All Like Minded Folk Welcome


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