What is Buddhahood?

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mr T

its in your head. or on it.


Complete enlightenment.


To become like the Buddha or “enlightened”
Look here http://www.buddhanet.net


To attain enlgihtenment one must be free from attachments to mental formation and karmic processes but Buddhahood goes beyond this, a Buddha is a self enlightened (attained nibbana without help) teacher (those who are self enlightened but not teachers are called secret Buddhas) who helps others achieve enlightenment by explaining the Dahmma (in Buddhism=the absolute truth) and teaching the various forms of meditation. Despite being perfect in speech, action and thought the Buddha was not a got and died at about the age of 80 entering his paranibbana (nibbana/nirvana=enlightenment and can be achieved in this lifetime, paranibbana/paranirvana=what happens when an enlightened dies)


what is the difference between a near death experience and someone being dead but brought back to life.?

my mom made the claim that the book she tried to give me was about a man that died and went to heaven but...

where can i find a good summary on "tao te ching"?

It is a mandatory book for my summer reading and i dont understand it at all ! I have to write a paper including...

Has Al Gore entered the Ministry? A Council Deacon for the New Age of the Awakening Mind?

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do you risk dying while doing the astral projection?like when your soul is attracted to a mirror or something?

--if your astral body goes through a mirror or something with your reflection,will you die? --I just want to be clarified,because i find it scary...

Why do people butt in?

I was at a store today and my 2 month started in about 10 minutes after I got there. I tried his binky, rocking...
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