Home Discussion Forum What is blocking everyone from using their psychic powers?

What is blocking everyone from using their psychic powers?

just because you don’t know how to use your powers, doesn’t mean nobody can.


  1. Belief.
    The human brain is the most amazing thing ever. Even the smartest geniuses in the world are only using about 10% of their brain power. This is because the just dont know how to use the rest. Their brain can do it, but the person can’t make his/her brain do it. The brain has been proven to do amazing things like saving a person from a fall off the 12th story. This usually happens to little kids and mentally challenged people.
    This is because both of these people don’t sence fear or excitment while in the fall. This gives their brain time to reacty and (i know this sounds crazy), lighten the weight of a person.
    There was actually a kid in Russia who had a brain issue that had something to do with sleep walking. Any way, one day at night he started sleep walking and jumped out the window, (2nd story) This woke up his parents. As they ran outside they saw him walk across the lake in front of their house. This is actually possible if the human brain can make a person so light that he/she is less dence than water.

  2. It’s mans own greed/violent streak. Until we can live in harmony our brains will only work like an animals, on instinct.

  3. My opinion is that their lack of existence is the main obstacle.
    From our current scientific knowledge of our physiology and neurology, there’s nothing about the human mind that would indicate that we would have these kind of powers. So, established scientific knowledge/theory does not predict its existence. Secondly, the experimental data supporting the existence of psychic powers is quite thin and all of it is debatable in terms of the quality of evidence and the veracity of the analysis. Scientifically, there just isn’t a justification for the acceptance of psychic powers as a scientific fact.
    So far, the most reasonable conclusion appears to be that psychic powers probably don’t exist. That doesn’t mean that someone can’t come along tomorrow and demonstrate these powers, but just that (a) it hasn’t happened yet and (b) as far as scientific investigation can determine, there is no reason to think that it is likely to happen.

  4. > just because you don’t know how to use
    > your powers, doesn’t mean nobody can.
    Saying that people do not know how to
    use their powers is not a reason to assume
    that people have psychic powers.
    First you have to prove that people have
    psychic powers, then you need to explain
    how people use them or develop them.
    It has never been shown scientifically
    that people have psychic powers, and
    the idea is so appealing to some people
    they choose to say they believe it without
    proof, so the question for them becomes,
    how can I develop my psychic powers …
    and of course, they never seem to figure
    out how.

  5. Ignorance is the main reason. They don’t know how to use what they are able to, because they have been taught that that’s bad or doesn’t exist. They don’t see that as a gift from God. They ignore their own skills and pretend that’s not happening. The more they refuse to accept the fact they have power to heal people, see the future or communicate with spirits, more sufferings they attract to themselves and then, they blame fate, destiny and God for their misfortunes. But if they don’t learn at this life, they will at the next one.

  6. At some point in history, we stopped communicating with our minds and relied soley on speech. We closed our own minds so that others couldn’t read our thoughts.

  7. psychic powers probably means someone as found how to use a bit more % of there brain than most people can use

  8. I am not sure anyone is “blocking” people from using any innate psychic ability. If such things are real then perhaps it is more of a question of practice. 1. You would have to believe that you have this ability. 2. You would have to practice so you could develop the skills 3. You would need to have some type of guidlines established to help you determine between legitimate psychic ability and wisful thinking.

  9. I have unlocked my abilities. All though I didn’t ask for them I still got them.
    My theory of paranormal abilities has lead me to believe that it is beyond all a lost art. It is an capability that every thing that has a soul to obtain. Unfortunately Humans are the weakest at these abilities, why? because humans have there minds closed.
    Because of this millions of animals, that we often believe is primitive, is actually stronger than us. the adverage spiritual pressure of a dog is stronger than the adverage of humans.
    But to really surprise you, the cat’s adverage spiritual pressure is nearly twice as strong as a humans’ soul.
    But if a human has it’s mind open, than we can unlock certain abilities that even science can’t prove.
    If your mind is open but your spiritual level isn’t strong enough, than meditation is the best way to improve it

  10. alot of people will block them out, either it scares them or they look for a logical reason instesd and wont acknowledge what they do not believe in, yes we are all psychic but you cant force a person to be something they dont embrase , believe in or are terrified of, its easier to just look the other way for some.

  11. The conditioning in our societies is what causes the ‘blockages’….Which is why we need to meditate and surround ourselves with nature as to be able to overcome the blockage…..

  12. What is blocking psychics from demonstrating their powers?
    EDIT: Constantine L, you’re right, I do think you’re crazy.

  13. whats blocking every one from their psychic abilities is the fact that they dont believe in what they are doing or just dont believe period. i know because i am learning to control my abilities


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