What is black magick incence used for ?





I bought it to get rid of the bad negative energy my brother has around us .he lives in the in the apartment my parents have , moving out soon. and so I want to get rid of the bad energy he is causing.
what kinds of words do i need to say ?


  1. mabey its just the name of the sent, I go to a place that has incence with all different names. money , love, power, gemini, cancer, ect… well let me say if these brought what they were named after then ild have money, but I dont. Dragons blood incence isnt made from dragons blood. you go into spencers or hot topic and they have all different crazey names.
    Try burning sage to get rid of bad energy.

  2. Actually, what you are trying to do would be WHITE magick. Black magick is fake things, like love spells or any sort of satanism
    Some people feel the need to invoke a god(dess) when they are doing any such things. I think a goddess would be most appropriate because there are not many gods of the home. Hera is goddess of the hearth, so that would be good. You can do simple things to purify your house, like smudging. Leaving an egg out overnight during a new moon to absorb the negative energies and then breaking it I have found to be effective.
    Gather freshly cut parsley and place it in a pan of water. Let it soak for nine minutes, and then sprinkle the water throughout the house while visualizing a calm environment.
    Peace will be restored.
    What is also important to realize is that witchcraft is not something you just start doing, it is a religion. It is more than just doing spells when you feel like it. Read into Wicca before you do anything.

  3. This is tricky. To remove negative energy you can burn copal,sage, or cedar incense. You must chant or pray to ask your spirit guides and angels to assist in the removal and cleansing. No special rhymes needed but if you like doing it, go for it. The problem is your brother.You can sweep and sweep but if he keeps dragging “the dirt” back in it is an uphill battle. Constant prayer/meditation might just encourage him to leave as well. Is this what you want? Make sure you send your prayers with love and the best possible outcome for all involved. Don’t wish harm. What you send out into the Universe always comes back to you

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