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What is beyond consciousness?

…and, what is beyond that which is beyond consciousness?
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  1. Lions, tigers and bears oh, and throw in some beliefs.
    Of course all these things are the enlightenment of ones consciousness

  2. I’m epileptic. And sometimes my spells will put me in a sub conscious state, that can have me amnesic, but walking around.
    Back in 1976 I had a very bad Granmal and was found under a parked car. The banging of my head so much killed me for a short time and I could see the paramedics getting me out from under the car and a group had gathered around. I remember thinking “How nice their heads were not blocking my view” of myself. For I, my sole, was a bit higher. I was brought back to life and am still here now, able to tell you.

  3. You are asking for knowledge……….I suppose, maybe, I think, duh? Very simple. There is that which exists, beyond which a greater cannot be thought.
    Thus your limitation is your own mind……….and knowledge is the inevitable boundary beyond which only imagination and religion can go.
    Wow, what brilliance. lol

  4. Human consciousness is an individuation that arises from and within the singular Consciousness, which arises from and within Awareness, which is what we call God, which is what You are.
    Conversely, You are pure, subjective Awareness. Consciousness is the potential to be ‘aware of’ something. Individuality is the formation of the illusion of multiplicity; an experiencer that is necessary for experience to happen.
    Beyond the conceptualizations, none of this is true and everything just IS.

  5. Beyond my consciousness,
    There is history of time; and
    Beyond that history of time,
    There is Dark Light.
    But I can see you every where.

  6. I think of none if you refer the consciousness of Oneness. Individual consciousness, on the other hand, is the unconsciousness.

  7. From a Buddhists perspective, beyond Consciousness means beyond Death. When we die, it is the Buddhist’s understanding that Karma and Ignorance along with Mind determines what happens next.
    If there is Ignorance, this means that there is outstanding Karma and if this is the case then a new Birth takes place.
    To Buddhists then, what is beyond Consciousness is Rebirth assuming that the above is the case.
    What is beyond this is that which is beyond Rebirth. This is known as the Deathless State or Nibbana, this is the Pali word or Nirvana when using the Sanskrit translation.
    When this State is achieved, it is beyond a place or a time, these concepts then hold no meaning. The Mind is outside the worlds and realms of Rebirth and Rebirth becomes a choice rather than a necessity or through cause and consequence, thus Nibbana is beyond Karma.
    Nibbana is beyond that which is beyond Consciousness, let us reach Nibbana together through effort and persistence, perhaps we may encourage others and guide all to this Path.
    A Buddhist….


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