Home Discussion Forum What is better yoga, tai chi or meditation?

What is better yoga, tai chi or meditation?


  1. i think meditation is better becoz when u practice meditation first then u can balance urself for practicing yoga , i myself do meditation and get very good result.meditation gives u power of concentration and control ur thought process

  2. I think yoga is a good way to become flexible. I dont know too much about tai chi, sorry. Meditation is the greatest way (in my opinion) to relax without moving.

  3. I guess it depends on your reasons/purpose and how you determine “better”…
    but IMHO, “mind matters most” because it directs your other activities. So if you focus on mental first it will be easier to do others. Of course physical exercises are good too. But do both, mental exercises and physical exercises.

  4. You should try as many of each as practical, and decide based on (1) whether you like the instructor and classmates, and (2) which activity makes you feel best. Otherwise you will just end up quitting after a while.


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