What is better to get toned, tai chi, yoga, or kickboxing?

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To get toned fast which is best to use, tai chi, yoga or kickboxing?

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I’m guessing kickboxing (not quite sure what tai chi is), but yoga would rate low on the list (its great for stretching, limberness, balance, and relieving stress)

n b

without question kickboxing! you will get toned from yoga but you will see the results much quicker with kickboxing since it is a cardio workout , as well as a full body work-out. do them both for a change ……. muscles respond well to variety! Good luck!


Toning, shredding, or ripping up involves two physiological changes: the increase in muscle mass, and the shrinkage of fat cells.
Resistance training with free weights, machines, or body weight at a high repetition/set will increase muscle mass.
Aerobic endurance cross training will burn fat by using fat as a source of energy.
So, resistance training coupled with at least 45 minutes of some form of cardio training at least three times a week will yeild a more toned body.
To answer your question specifically, I would need to know the intensity level and duration of tai chi and kickboxing. Without that knowledge, I would rate the exercises as follows:
1. Kickboxing – most pontential to tone up
2. Tai Chi – most pontential to develop flexibility and power
3. Yoga – most potential to develop flexibility and balance
It should be noted that women naturally have a higher body fat percentage than men, and adverse side effects can occur with a body fat percentage lower than approximately 15%.

arc a

Dear Jenny,
In order to get toned fast the best way is to acquire the cense of humor. Without that no exercises will work. After that you can what you can, but don’t complain, this is crucial…


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