HomeDiscussion Forumwhat is best to lose waight yoga or tai chi?

what is best to lose waight yoga or tai chi?

which is best….they are a shool a block away from each other….near my house.
just wondering which one is best to lose weight???
can i haave a professional answer?
no obvious answers please


  1. Unless you do yoga or tai chi all day, you are not going to lose weight. You need to walk at a pace such that you can talk as the same time, and you need to walk two hours per day. You can build it up slowly. Example, 30 minutes today, 35 minutes tomorrow, and 40 minutes for the day after and build it up to 2 hours. Watch you diet as well.

  2. The yoga class at 24-hr fitness was intense. It makes you sweat! Plus all of that stretching gives your muscles a long and lean look.

  3. If you are practicing what passes as tai chi these days (i.e. Grandma’s tai chi) then you won’t lose weight. Traditional martial methods, however, do pick up the metabolism like crazy. Find yourself a competent instructor from a verifiable lineage and observe a class. If the students come out of there all sweaty and happily exhausted, then that’s the class for you. Good luck.


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