What is being spiritually elevated?





Is it being at peace with yourself and those around you? Understanding of yourself and those around you?
I keep hearing that humans need to achieve a higher level of consciousness, or are going to it, but what would that be?
Or can you only understand once youre there?


  1. We are each non-physical, immortal, aware, Spiritual Beings. We are not the physical Human Body being admired or not in a mirror. We as Beings only use the body for the Physical Playing Field. One of the problems with the Physical World is, it has a brainwashing effect on non-physical Spiritual Beings. A Being might start thinking of itself as a physical body and “forget” it is non-physical in nature. The physical body dies, but not the immortal Spiritual Being, who goes on to it’s next life, new parents, new name, etc. We have each had very many past lifetimes, but forgot these other lives because of a mechanism in the Mind we carry around with us from lifetime to lifetime. So, what would being Spiritually elevated mean? Maybe getting all of the Being’s memories back for one thing and with that knowing who and what you really are instead of believing the Materialist Lie of being a Physical Body.

  2. Well it is not levitation, we can agree on that. LOL.
    Being spiritually elevated is an expression used to say that a person has deepened their knowledge in their said belief and acheive a higher understanding of the purpose of that belief and how it fortifies their lives. (Just an opinion)

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