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What is authentic kabbalah and what role does it play in the future of humanity?

It is becoming more clear that religion and other co called spiritual options are not helping us. I have checked out www.kabbalah.info and have taken a serious interest.


  1. Get with the times! We are in the 21st century! Are you?
    Kaballah is a mystical spirituality hanging on to Judaism like a leech to your ankle. It bears no resemblance to anything useful or industrious in today’s world.

  2. Go ahead and sign up if you have nothing better to spend your money on.
    If you’re interested in learning Kabbalah, spend the next 20 years studying Judaism; only then will you begin to understand Kabbalah.

  3. You should ask a “real” or pious jew that since Hollywood has taken kabbalah and ruined it.

  4. It is Jewish mysticism.
    For it to be taken outside of Judaism is an error.
    More of the religion-of-the-month club
    Instead of a religion, talk to God.
    He’ll put you where He wants you to be.
    He loves you.

  5. The authentic Kabbalah is not a book or the scripture .
    It is an occult tradition , its a higherself symbolism , only the Wise can explain or interpret the true knowledge of this beautiful and an ancient art . Kabbalah is best described as the source before fake sources , like a tool for genererating the material and all of the Asrtral and Causal planes . Its a system of involving all of your senses in pronouncing the sacred Verses for chanching the inner and outer universe for a higher couse .
    Its also not found by Jews but they have used it as part of their tradition . Sources of Kabbalism and the knowledges of the past are much before Jews and even Egypt …

  6. Kabbalah is not just about mysticism. Nor is it a religion. It is an ancient and deep philosophy and trying to put it in a few words will not even explain its surface to a novice. My advice to you is not to look for a short cut if you really want to get somewhere with this. You’ll have to invest some time and energy. Research more on the Zohar and save yourself from the neo-cult which is nothing but Pop-Kabbalah.
    Best of luck! May this journey bring you success.


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