• Kabbalah is not just about mysticism. Nor is it a religion. It is an ancient and deep philosophy and trying to put it in a few words will not even explain its surface to a novice. My advice to you is not to look for a short cut if you really want to get somewhere with this. You’ll have to invest some time and energy. Research more on the Zohar and save yourself from the neo-cult which is nothing but Pop-Kabbalah.
    Best of luck! May this journey bring you success.

  • The authentic Kabbalah is not a book or the scripture .
    It is an occult tradition , its a higherself symbolism , only the Wise can explain or interpret the true knowledge of this beautiful and an ancient art . Kabbalah is best described as the source before fake sources , like a tool for genererating the material and all of the Asrtral and Causal planes . Its a system of involving all of your senses in pronouncing the sacred Verses for chanching the inner and outer universe for a higher couse .
    Its also not found by Jews but they have used it as part of their tradition . Sources of Kabbalism and the knowledges of the past are much before Jews and even Egypt …

  • It is Jewish mysticism.

    For it to be taken outside of Judaism is an error.

    More of the religion-of-the-month club

    Instead of a religion, talk to God.

    He’ll put you where He wants you to be.

    He loves you.

  • You should ask a “real” or pious jew that since Hollywood has taken kabbalah and ruined it.

  • Go ahead and sign up if you have nothing better to spend your money on.

    If you’re interested in learning Kabbalah, spend the next 20 years studying Judaism; only then will you begin to understand Kabbalah.

  • Get with the times! We are in the 21st century! Are you?

    Kaballah is a mystical spirituality hanging on to Judaism like a leech to your ankle. It bears no resemblance to anything useful or industrious in today’s world.

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