What is aura? How do you see it? Can I?





I read the word aura in a book. I have wondered about it ever since. What is it? Can you see it? Can I? Has anyone ever took a picture of it? If so, leave me the link to the picture or put it in your answer.
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  1. A metaphysical area of energy that surrounds living creatures. It usually extends for about 1.5 feet around the creature and is said to be multi-colored or single-colored. got to be psyhic to see it

  2. Aura is the set of energys around the human body which acts as a protective field for negative fields generated by various celestial beings, which are commonly known as – DEMONS, EVILSPIRITS, SPIRITS OF THE DEAD, ANGELS, OCCULT MAGIC and EARTHS MAGNETIC FIELDS. These energies often try to take refuge in our aura and try to drain our energy. This influence can be made visible by recurring losses, lack of growth and improvement to the best of efforts, accidents, sucides. Most people are not aware of such influences are due to external forces. These energies enter the system through food, clothes, foot, sex organs, air, nails, hair and many other personal belongings over a period of time. Occultists combine these materials with a spell to attach a celestial being to the person aura to keep him disturbed in his activity or divert him from his goals. In ancient times people use to wash their feet and hands before entering their premises and same while coming out of the toilets. Water has a miraclous effect in removing such entities.The bathroom, Toilet, decomposed matter, waste bins the public drains are the most favourable spots for these entities. Our ancients have encountred the same and found water was the best remedy. People also practiced the method of carrying halfburnt wood while transporting food especially at night, Since these entities like deadsouls use food, more intense in the case of meat, this medium acts as path to enter the individual. Most communities in India follow systems of sprinkling water in a circular motion around the food and consuming the same before starting their supper. This acts as a shield to the head of the individual preventing entities entering the person. Many systems in the past were developed for various healing purposes In some other cases people used Talismans, Amulets, Religious symbols in the form of pendants for keeping away forces like evil spirits, dead souls, Evil eye, Occult entering their bodies. We can observe in most cultures people were asked to wash their foot and hands before entering the temple premises. This was to avoid the negative energy accumilated in the foot and hands during their transit on the road getting intothe temple.Water is still the best remedy, todays conditions do not allow people to practice ancient methods. This has lead to more number of entity attacks. We have collected details of various types of pscyhic influences in the forth coming pages. Aura can be also damaged due to wrong life styles or pattern of personal habits. Since a problem cannot be only due to astrology, numerology, Vaastu, gemology only. There are various other angles to a problem that has to be tackled, which can be done only by the healer. You have to consult the healer to get the right analysis.

  3. It is supposed to be a supernatural glow that surrounds your head.
    Only magical people can see it.
    If you can see a person’s aura, than you are supposed to be looking at their spirit, and you can allegedly tell what kind of person they are by looking at their soul.
    It is also the name of a NASA probe, a kind of cheese, and any kind of glowing light.

  4. No, you can’t see it. Yes, you can take pictures of different energy emissions from specialized photography equipment but I don’t think they are mystical or supernatural. It’s just radiation that all things living and non living emit.
    After all, all atoms are made out of vibrational energy and all things are made up of specific vibrational tones. There is no solid.
    I think it explains our natural world around us to understand that a mood can emit a vibrational energy. It’s just that science has to catch up with what we speculate, which is that we can actually project or transmit energy with thought.
    So far, thought has been measured as energy, but no correlation to actual auras has been empirically proven. Someday, they will find out, though.
    And when they do, they will say, the mystics almost had it right but this is what is really happening, yadda yadda yadda. Because, the bottom line is this. Superstition and speculating fantasy is fun, but fact is far stranger than fiction.
    I believe that when we do discover explanations to our natural world which may include the aura, it will be just another part of our natural world and nothing mystic about it.

  5. Energy field emanating from the surface of a person or object. This emanation is visualized as an outline of cascading color and may be held to represent soul vibrations, chakric emergence, or a reflection of surrounding energy fields.
    Other than that, it’s basically a glow that something gives off. You won’t see it on a person unless they’re wearing something that gives off light. Unless you’re really spiritual and make yourself believe that.

  6. an aura is like a magical mystical glow,. like the closest true thing you can get to an aura would be maybe a rainbow, or the glow from a pot of gold or diamonds,.

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